Learning about microgreens at Bargara Post Office

Bargara Post Office
Claudia and Mandy at the Bargara Post Office with Simply Organic Farming Microgreens

Local company Simply Organic Farming set up a display at Bargara Post Office this morning to show residents just how easy it is to grow microgreens in the home.

Simply Organic Farming’s Claudia Waskow said the home kits were developed last year.

“We brought in the concept of these kits around August during a P&C meeting at our local school, when I suggested that the kids could do something different for Father's Day,” Claudia said. 

“It was extremely well received and demand has increased sharply since seeds have become much harder to find.”

Until recently, most of their regular customers were cafes and restaurants but due to the current restrictions, they had to adapt and change their strategy.

“Initially we thought that we would have to close down our microgreens business, however, to our surprise, the demand has risen quite substantially, as people have become more and more health conscious.

“We encourage everyone to research the health and nutritional benefits of microgreens for themselves.

“They will be very pleasantly surprised.”

DIY kits for all the family to try at home

Mandy Healey at Bargara Post Office decided to stock the DIY kits when she saw the benefits.

“I knew it would give me the opportunity to share my passion of growing herbs, veggies and gardening with my customers,” Mandy said.

“Microgreens is an extension to what I have already been doing, the exception being that you can grow the microgreens inside your home.”

Mandy said the workshop at the post office was a great way to show people how easy it is to grow.

“It’s something that the whole family can do – the microgreens germinate within a few days.

“This is fascinating for children as they learn to grow and ‘eat’ their own.

“This is a beautiful habit for them to get into while they are young, as it will put them in good stead as they become adults and beyond.”

Claudia said microgreens are very versatile.

“Microgreens can be used in so many ways, so much more added texture, flavour and colour pop.”

The microgreens DIY kits are available through the Bargara Post Office, Nana's Pantry or order from Simply Organic Farming directly.

“Further enquiries from outlets looking for these to stock are welcomed,” Claudia said.

Claudia said it was a successful morning at the Bargara Post Office.

“It was good to be at the post office bringing awareness to the community and making new connections too.”

Keep up to date on Simply Organic Farming’s Facebook page.

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