Church leaders give Easter messages of hope

Easter is a special time for both the Catholic and Anglican Churches

Leaders of the Anglican and Catholic Churches have delivered their Easter messages.

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, which includes Bundaberg, writes of the joy, hope and peace that God gives to the whole world.

Bishop Michael McCarthy of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, which includes Bundaberg, reminds us that Jesus is with us and to celebrate his life.

Anglican Archbishop's Easter message

Anglican Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

All around us people are anxious, worried, troubled, frightened.

The world as we know it has been turned upside down.

And it all happened so quickly.

We fear the worst: running out of essentials, catching the virus, losing loved ones.

On Good Friday, Jesus faced the worst that can happen to a person.

He was betrayed by his friends, mocked, spat on, falsely accused and finally tortured and murdered.

Maybe worst of all, he felt completely abandoned by the God he had trusted.

But Easter Day showed that he hadn’t been abandoned at all.

God was with him after all, despite his feeling alone.

Loneliness, pain and suffering are real.

But they can never separate us from God’s love.

Such unshakeable love frees us from fear and anxiety and releases us to do good for others.

May the joy, hope and peace God gives to the whole world be yours this Easter.

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

Catholic Bishop's Easter message

Catholic Bishop of Rockhampton, Michael Fabian McCarthy
Catholic Bishop of Rockhampton, Michael Fabian McCarthy.

I write to you as we go through this incredibly challenging time in our nation, our communities and our Church.

You are all aware of the measures that are being undertaken in response to this coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis facing our nation and the world at this time.

I know these times are hard.

We cannot gather as we are used to.

As a Catholic community we cannot gather in-person to support each other in prayer or to receive the Eucharist.

Through these challenges however we are appreciating better what we had and are looking at new ways to connect with each other and our faith.

Christians across the centuries have stopped at Easter time to celebrate the life of Jesus and to reflect on his death and resurrection.

This year as we celebrate Easter it will be very quiet.

However, we are always reminded that at Easter time Jesus Christ rose from the dead and that he is with us as we walk along our own roads.

The beautiful story of the road to Emmaus reminds us that Jesus is with us, through the ups and downs of life, and especially during this time of uncertainty.

Christ, the Risen One, is in our midst.

My prayer for you this Easter is that Christ is in your lives and with each one of you.

May our God bless you and your families.

Please be assured of my prayers for everyone of our Diocese, everyone who lives within our boundaries, from Mackay, down to Bundaberg, from the East Coast and way out to the West.

May God bless you all.

Most Rev Michael McCarthy