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Library 3D printer helps Jabiru’s face shield efforts

Jabiru Aircraft 3d Printing
Jabiru Aircraft Business Manger Sue Wood with engineer Alex Swan and Bundaberg Library's Joshua McCullough with the 3D printing machine.

Bundaberg Regional Libraries has loaned Jabiru Aircraft a 3D printing machine to help the business's face shield cause during Coronavirus.

The local company, which usually focuses on producing light sport aircraft and engines, decided to put their skills to new use by creating face shields to help COVID-19 front line health workers.

To help keep up with the demand, Jabiru Aircraft recently put a call out to the community for any 3D printers that could be used during the operation.

“Council was approached by the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (on behalf of Jabiru) regarding the possibility of utilising any available 3D printers for the purpose of printing medical face shields,” Information Services Librarian Stephen Harris said.

“In the current climate, we were happy to loan the 3D printer for this purpose.”

Joshua McCullough, the Library’s Digital Inclusion Officer, said the 3D printer was being used to print the headband component of the face shields.

“The loan of our printer allows Jabiru to increase production of face shields to meet the demand more broadly,” he said.

“This type of technology creates a product that can be utilised faster than commercial supply chains.

“As an emerging technology, it promotes creativity and innovation, which can be vital in situations of crisis.”

When not helping to print face shields, Stephen said the 3D printer was available for community use.

“The library offers a 3D printing service to our community which has been used for anything from creating a hedgehog themed toothpick holder to replacement motorcycle parts,” he said.

“We also deliver workshops in 3D printing and object design.”

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