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Painted rocks spread the U Rock message to workers

U Rock
Just some of the U Rock designs to brighten up the day of frontline workers.

What started as a rock painting hobby to keep busy while self-isolating has turned into an ongoing random-act-of kindness campaign for local woman Jacky Munro.

U Rock is helping to spread the message of positivity and appreciation to frontline workers in Bundaberg.

Jacky said she had painted almost 100 rocks with various themes, which were then being handed out to those who have been giving their all during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I paint simple designs that I hope will put a smile on the faces of our frontline workers,” she said.

“Once finished the rocks so far have been stacked in piles on my driveway and residents who know someone working on the frontline will collect them and put them in letterboxes or gift them.

“I have also given quite a few to a nurse friend who has taken them to the hospitals.”

Jacky said the campaign was something she was doing on behalf of everyone in the region.

“These rocks are not from me personally but from the whole community, in appreciation of the frontline workers' commitment to their jobs,” she said.

U Rock
Jacky Munro with some of her U Rock designs.

Jacky has since started some new designs on her rocks, painted as nurses and doctors, and said she was hoping they would be a hit with those working in the medical industry.

“I thought medical professionals could relate to them and I'm hoping to make enough for every staff member at the hospital,” she said.

“I am trying new designs every day to try to keep it interesting for myself and others.”

Jacky said to keep the campaign going, she was calling on the community to get involved.

“I would love the community to come on board and paint ‘U Rock' rocks, all I ask is that they keep a count of how many they make so we can all see our progress,” she said.

“Also, if someone has the ability to set up a web page so helpers can display their design, keep a count, and encourage one another, that would be wonderful.”

Jacky said she was also seeking more rocks and supplies to assist with the U Rock campaign.

“I would love for someone to collect completed rocks and keep track of who they are going to, also donations of paints (acrylic only), brushes and clear lacquer spray paint would be wonderful,” she said.

“I feel the simple act of acknowledging the dedication of others puts a smile on everyone’s faces, including the community who choose to participate in any way in this endeavour.”

Jacky said she aimed for 500 rocks to be handed out and asked participants to include “U Rock”, their name and age on the back of each creation.

If you would like to assist in the U Rock campaign or find out more information, you can contact Jacky on 0411 587 264.