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Jarrod’s medical dream not hindered by Coronavirus

Jarrod Hales CQUniversity
Jarrod Hales left full-time work on a cattle station in Central West Queensland and returned to Bundaberg to pursue his passion to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a paramedic. He said the current Coronavirus situation didn't hinder his studies with CQUniversity Bundaberg.

Knowing his father saved lives inspired Jarrod Hales to study a Bachelor of Paramedic Science at CQUniversity Bundaberg and the restrictions around Coronavirus hasn’t hindered his desire to change his career.

At the age of 23 Jarrod left full-time work on a cattle station in Central West Queensland and returned to Bundaberg to pursue his passion to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a paramedic.

He enrolled in STEPS last year as a pathway to gain entry to the Bachelor of Paramedic Science.

This allowed him to become accustomed with learning both in the classroom and online during that time and he said it had now become handy because of the Coronavirus regulations.

“Half of the STEPS course was in a classroom and half was online, so it gave me the opportunity to be flexible and now this year most of my theory work is online, and only my practical and residential school has been effected,” Jarrod said.

“I was looking forward to the practical and placements later this year, but that has all been canned at the moment.

“I am still doing all my other work and assessments.

“It’s early days with the information that is coming in, and changing so fast, about Coronavirus.”

With the current health concerns around COVID-19 Jarrod said it only made his dream of stepping into the medical field more zealous.   

“My previous work was high risk, I was working with cattle and they could change in an instant and run at you, so it was pretty dangerous,” Jarrod said.

“I am young, healthy and eager, and not in the high-risk Coronavirus category.

“I already feel lucky, as a full-time student, that I have not been affected by the Coronavirus, like some of my friends have; I didn’t lose a job like some of them have.

“My life hasn’t really been turned upside down, and I enjoy learning and studying online.”

Jarrod Hales said CQUniversity Bundaberg offered a variety of support, and anyone who was struggling had the opportunity to seek help if needed.

“Even though I am online learning I can still go into the campus, CQU Bundaberg is a tight little campus, I find it pretty chill and cruisy, with a lot of support,” he said.

“There are plenty of people to talk to and the support is still there.”

CQUniversity moves to online in wake of Coronavirus

CQUniversity’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Klomp announced that on 23 March the university had commenced transition of on-campus teaching activities to online delivery in the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Associate Vice-Chancellor Wide Bay Burnett Region Luke Sinclair said CQU’s campuses remained open and accessible, with strict social distancing measures in place for both staff and students.

“The transition to online has been a relatively seamless process, with more than half of our existing student cohort already studying at least one unit online,” he said.

“CQUniversity was well placed to manage this transition as we are a leader in the online/distance delivery space and have invested heavily in our online learning and teaching infrastructure.

“All student support services are still being delivered and we are working hard to support our students during what is an incredibly challenging time for the entire community.”

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