Local musician Peter Sajko sings message of hope

Peter Sajko
Local singer songwriter Peter Sajko has produced a song about hope during COVID-19

Local singer songwriter Peter Sajko has written a song about COVID-19, with a message of hope that “we will shine on”.

Peter said it was a way of connecting with people everywhere.

“The message is to convey to a wide audience that although we may be in our own homes isolating, we are still a whole as a people no matter our culture, gender, religion, status or any other factors considered,” Peter said.

“My idea of this song is to convey the powerful message about this virus that we are in this together no matter how far away we may be from each other.

“The importance of this message stands in a difficult time while people are doing all that is in their will to cope with struggles such as work, finance and the suffering having the virus itself.

We will shine on

“We will ‘Shine On’ when this virus is finished, and we will stand prouder and stronger as a people once everything returns back to normal.”

The song came about from Peter’s personal experiences as an entertainer in Bundaberg and after talking to many of his friends on how they were coping.

“For many of my fellow musician friends out there who are working in the hospitality industry around town, this has been an extremely hard transition from one day performing at a local club or working in a bar to the next day having to close up their doors at midday which is why I wrote the lyric ‘doors are closing in the daylight’.

“I watched the live news report from the Prime Minister which heavily influenced my lyric of the second verse, ‘they’re doing all they can, but they’ve made a hard-called stand’.

‘Hard called stand' in this case refers to the closing of businesses around the nation who have been hit by this decision, which, though hard on everyone, has definitely been the right one.”

Peter has been singing and writing songs since 2016.

Before COVID-19 he was a regular performer at The Burnett Bowls Club, HSG at the Gardens, The Bundy Services Club and Sandhills Sports Club.

“I really appreciate all the support they’ve given me and am looking forward to returning to sing at the great venues when this is all over.”

Peter’s song “Shine On” is available on his Facebook page.

“I would greatly appreciate any support of this song such as shares, likes and follows, as I am really hoping to reach a wide variety of audiences from around the Wide Bay Region.”

You can hear Peter Sajko's song here.

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