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Grab mum and Picnic with a Paca for Mother’s Day

Picnic with a Paca
Picnic with a Paca this Mother's Day with Littabella Farms and The Deli.

What could be better than spending some quality time with Mum this Mother's Day? How about adding some cute alpacas and a picnic to the mix?

The Picnic with a Paca event is a collaboration between The Deli and Littabella Alpacas, made possible after COVID-19 restrictions on picnic gatherings was altered this week.

Littabella Alapacas owner Nicole Read said the event would begin at 10am on Sunday, May 10 with guests able to meet and greet some of the curious creatures before enjoying a delicious picnic at the local farm.

“They will be able to pat, cuddle and feed the alpacas and of course get selfies with them,” Nicole said.

“We will also answer all those burning questions people have about alpacas such as ‘what's the difference between an alpaca and a llama?' or ‘do they spit?'

“After that we will then move over to our mums and bubs paddock where our guests will collect their picnic rug, picnic snack box and Bundaberg Brewed Drinks and pick a spot in the paddock to enjoy their picnic while the alpacas graze around them.”

Picnic with a Paca
Nicole Read and baby Charlie share a selfie.

Nicole said picnic hampers full of delicious treats would be provided by the team at The Deli.

“We approached The Deli to cater for our Picnic with the Pacas because we liked thought of supporting another local business,” she said.

“The Deli have come up with a beautiful picnic box filled with cheese, salami, dip and biscuits and other goodies – we are excited to continue supporting them moving forward if our picnic day is a success.”

Nicole said while the event was a unique opportunity to spend time with Mum for Mother's Day, social-distancing rules still needed to be followed.

“With some of the Covid -19 regulations being lifted this weekend we have advised our clients that gatherings must only be limited to members of the same household or an individual and one friend,” she said.

“You have to stay within 50km of home and social distancing and hygiene must be maintained while at the farm.

“We have set up a hand washing station for our guests to use throughout their visit.”

To book a space in the Picnic with a Paca event, contact the Littabella Alapaca team through the Facebook page or by calling 0417599309.

Groups are strictly limited due to Covid-19 social-distancing regulations and prices vary depending on group sizes.

Booking must be made before Thursday, 7 May.

Littabella Alpacas is located at 178 Littabella Siding Lane, Yandaran.