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‘Shanitiser’ created for locals during COVID-19

New product development technologist Shannon Grosjean with bottles of “Shanitiser” in the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks innovation, research and development laboratory.

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and residents can again shop for non-essential items, local businesses will be looking to stock up on hand sanitiser — enter Shannon Grosjean.

The Bundaberg local has used her unique skill set to help develop a product that will be sold almost exclusively to the Wide Bay region.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks will be using a World Health Organisation formula, which has been fast tracked for use in Australia to help combat COVID-19.

Shannon, one of the company’s leading food scientist, has played a major part in helping the business adopt this hand sanitiser formula for local distribution.

“As a business, we feel it is important we use our capability to help the local community,” said John McLean, CEO of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

“We are very proud of the skills and proficiencies we have within our team and want to remain focused on supporting the Bundaberg Region through the post-lockdown rebuilding stage.

“Producing hand sanitiser is something we have been working towards since the outbreak of COVID-19 and Shannon has played a huge role in making it happen.

“We’ve affectionately nicknamed the product ‘The Shanitiser'.

“We anticipate COVID-19 will bring permanent changes, with increased dependency on products such as hand sanitiser. Being a regional business, we want to ensure we have plenty of product available to support our own community as the priority.”

This week, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks will have produced their first 1000 litre batch of hand sanitiser and are now accepting orders with plans to produce 10,000 litres.

“We are hoping this will help local businesses who have struggled during COVID-19 to get back up and running again,” Mr McLean said.

“As storefronts and offices begin to reopen, this will play a major role in making some operational processes easier for business owners.

“We are using our experience in making great quality brews and translating this stringent approach to how we are making hand sanitiser.”

Boxes of six 725 millilitre bottles will be available for sale to local businesses for $90 and 5-litre containers at $100.

Transactions will be done via the telephone and distributed from the Bundaberg Barrel, phone 4154 5480.

Alternatively, enquiries can be made by email to sanitiser@bundaberg.com.

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