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The Childers Show will go on… line

A passion for country shows has seen 22 year old Chloe Johnson accept the role as Childers Show Society President.
Childers Show Society President Chloe Johnson and the rest of the committee are bringing the Childers Show online this year.

The Childers Show might not be physically going ahead this year but that hasn't stopped organisers from transforming the annual event into a virtual experience for all to enjoy.

Childers Show Society President Chloe Johnson said the Facebook page had become a virtual exhibition for people to display their cakes, produce, art and more to keep the show spirit alive.

“Seeing that this is my first year as the President for the Childers Show Society I felt quite disappointed that we couldn’t have our show due to the COVID-19 restrictions,” she said.

“I also took it as a small blessing as it would allow us more time to prepare for next year and make it bigger and better!”

Now, Chloe said the committee had come up with another way to celebrate the 2020 show, via online interactions with the public.

“A Virtual Show was something that I had thought about but didn’t really know how to go about it and make it work, it was also presented to me by another committee member,” she said.

“We are keeping it very lighthearted and trying to engage with our community to keep the ‘buzz' around show time as it’s such an important event for our community to come together and display what they have been working on in the past 12 months.

“It’s just a fun and interactive way for us to keep sharing what we would be getting ready and exhibiting if the show was still going ahead as planned.”

Childers Show offers virtual experience

Chloe said the Facebook page would feature virtual exhibits people could post to.

“There are no judges, no entry fees and no prize money,” she said.

“Ideally we just want our community and show-goers to participate on the Facebook posts by commenting and adding photos of their show exhibits.”

Chloe said each week a post would be available for a different category.

“This week it is Farm and Garden- so that can be anything from fruit, veggies, eggs, honey or nuts,” she said.

“Other categories will include baking, plants and flowers, horticulture, art, photography, pottery and sugar cane.

“We really hope to create a lot of community engagement and interaction by getting the word out there to keep that country show spirit alive and not let this 104th Annual Childers Show pass us by.”

To find out more about the Childers Show virtual experience head to the Facebook page here.