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Free community fitness resumes in parks

Free community fitness
Free community sport activities will resume in the region with Reclink Australia Bundaberg's Tataina and Josh Quinn.

The opportunity to get out and participate in free community fitness activities is being made available in the region again as coronavirus restrictions ease.

Reclink Australia Bundaberg has announced they will resume their sports and free community fitness activities in parks and open spaces around the region this week.

“We are very excited to be able to offer the community free sports and fitness such as boot camps, programs, yoga and family sports” Coordinator of Bundaberg Street Games and National Sports Programs Tataina Quinn said.

“Such events will be advertised on our Facebook page where you'll be able to book in and see event times and locations.”

Tataina said a maximum of 10 participants would be allowed to join in at each event.

Free community fitness
Reclink Australia Bundaberg's Tataina and Josh Quinn.

“We will be keeping in mind the distancing measurements of 1.5 metres per person, also a maximum of 10 people per event and we will have sanitiser available before and after all activities,” she said.

“Our priority is for everybody to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors again while keeping everybody as safe as possible.

“It's time to get out and get back into your fitness and health and start living life outdoors once again.”

Tataina said the free fitness activities were available for the whole community to enjoy.

“I think everybody could benefit from accessing free fitness now that restrictions are starting to ease, all our fitness activities are run by professional qualified trainers in their areas of fitness,” she said.

“We also will be resuming street game sports which will see Reclink pop-up in various parks and locations with sporting equipment on board for people to be able to use for games in the parks.

“We will have things set up such as volleyball and soccer nets which will allow non-contact sports to take place up to 10 people at a time.”

To find out more phone 0475 468 883 or contact the team on Facebook.