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Dolphins playing with calf captured at Bargara

dolphins nielson beach
Beau Pratt captured this amazing shot of dolphins playing at Nielson Park Beach.

A Bundaberg photographer has captured video footage of a dolphin family and calf frolicking in the ocean just off Nielson Park Beach at Bargara.

Beau Pratt, who usually keeps his photography work to surfing or landscape shots, said he was thrilled to see the sea creatures this week when he was practising his drone.

“I spotted the dolphins 15 metres off the beach at Nielsons,” he said.

“At first I only spotted two dolphins but once I got the drone in the air I realised that there were three dolphins swimming around.”

Beau said the dolphins were swimming and playing with a calf in the pristine waters.

“I was ecstatic, I haven't had the opportunity to film dolphins before so I was really excited,” he said.

“This was truly a first for me; I normally shoot landscape or take footage of surfers.

“I feel very privileged to have captured something special like this.”

Video: Beau Pratt

According to the Department of Environment, four types of dolphins are known to inhabit waters in the Bundaberg Region.

These include the Indo-Pacific bottlenose, offshore bottlenose, Australian humpback dolphin and Australian snubfin dolphin.

The sighting comes as whale watching season begins to ramp up in the region, with the first of the mammals expected to be spotted at any moment.

Last year, the first whale was spotted on 23 May by the crew onboard Lady Musgrave Experience’s Reef Empress.

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