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Locals excel at global online obstacle course

B.T.Y. Fitness Spartan Challenge
Terry Kurtz, Teressa Tibbey and Trisha Johnson from B.T.Y Fitness take part in the worldwide Spartan Virtual Race

During COVID-19 restrictions everyone was encouraged to stay fit, but B.T.Y Fitness members took it to another level last weekend, with the Spartan Virtual Race.

Courtney Smith from Bundaberg’s B.T.Y Fitness said Spartan had kept everyone motivated during the restrictions.

“Like many mass participation events, Spartan, a well known obstacle course race, cancelled and postponed its events all over the world when COVID-19 struck,” Courtney said.

“Continuing to keep everyone motivated Spartan started Project Unbreakable and began offering free morning workouts with the Founder and CEO of the company, a live 24 hour event via zoom and many interviews and insights with influential people within this community. 

“On the weekend Spartan was celebrating its 10th year and in typical Spartan form set out to achieve the World's Largest Virtual Race with the hope of attracting 4 million people to participate from all over the world.”

The Virtual Spartan Sprint consisted of 5km and 20 obstacles or bodyweight exercises, a Super consisted of 10km and 25 obstacles, a Beast consisted of 21km and 30 obstacles and an Ultra consisted of 50km and 60 obstacles, as well as a kids’ event.

Courtney said the event really captured the imagination of B.T.Y members.

“Here at B.T.Y Fitness we love obstacle course events; the teamwork, the camaraderie, the achievement, the sense of pride crossing the line with the support of your peers.

“When we heard about this event there was nothing more to think about than how much can we achieve in one weekend.

“In total we had 16 adult participants completing 10 trifectas (the sprint, super and beast), a combo (the sprint and super) and 5 sprints; covering 400kms or the equivalent and completing almost 9000 repetitions of body weight exercises.

“The little ones didn't miss out either with Spartan also putting on a kids’ event; we had 5 kids cover 1.6km or 3.2km and crawled, jumped and carried their way through their obstacles.”

Courtney said it was a very special event to be part of.

“Even though our team wasn't together for this virtual event, like we would normally be, everyone teamed up with who they could, wore their team shirts, checked in on each other, offered some words of encouragement when things got hard, supported each other and cheered for each other when each event was completed.

“It was an event that reminded us all why we love these events so much and was a reminder of the amazing community we've made at B.T.Y Fitness over the past almost 6 years.”

With restrictions now easing, B.T.Y Fitness is adapting to changing conditions.

“We're back outdoors taking classes; connecting, encouraging and supporting our members on achieving their goals.

“COVID-19 may have put some initial plans and goals on hold but there's still plenty of the year left and there's still plenty left to achieve. 

“It's not about being the best. It's about being better than you were yesterday.“

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B.T.Y. Fitness Spartan Challenge
Some of the B.T.Y Fitness members who took part in the worldwide Spartan Virtual Race