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Snap Happy Bags create smiles and raise funds

snap happy bags Carinbundi
Karen-Ann Roll and Deb Phillips are excited to use recycled materials to make snap happy bags at Carinbundi.

Broken metal tape measures and recycled fabric will have a new purpose as the materials are used to create Snap Happy Bags at Carinbundi.

The Carinbundi sewing group have been busy transforming the old tape measures and fabric in to versatile cloth bags that can be used to carry a variety of items, from pills to make-up.

Carinbundi craft co-ordinator Helen Amos said she came up with the idea for the Snap Happy Bags after seeing the idea on social media.

“I thought the project would be really good for our clients in the sewing group,” Helen said.

“We have two clients per session and they just love using their creativity to make the bags.

“It’s a real team effort and very enjoyable.”

Helen said the little material bag, that snapped closed easily, could be made in various shapes and sizes, and so far, the participants had been pleased with their creations.

She said it was lovely to watch Carinbundi craft group participants like Karen-Ann Phillips make every stitch with a smile on her face as she enjoyed her time making Snap Happy Bags.

“We have been using recycled materials and learning more about the importance of that also,” Helen said.

“Karen-Ann was proud to use her Snap Happy Bag straight away.”

Carinbundi’s Deb Phillips said after seeing the participants enjoy making the Snap Happy Bags she thought the idea could be turned in to a fundraising idea.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the guys to sell the items as a fundraiser,” Deb said.

“This will then allow them to purchase more fabric and tape measures, or other items for their sewing and craft group.”

Until the Carinbundi sewing group have raised enough money by selling the Snap Happy Bags, they are asking tradies for donations of their old metal tape measures.

If anyone has 100 per cent cotton material they would like to donate they can click here or phone 4158 9600 for more information.