Pathway to success for Carinbundi clients


For Carinbundi Respite Services a new North Bundaberg pathway represents much more than just concrete – it’s an opportunity for clients to increase their independence and life skills.

Carinbundi chief executive Clive Pearce commended Council on the completion of recent works, which involved extending the existing pathway network from Queen Street through Federation Park to the respite centre.

The works coincided with Works for Queensland funded verge sealing, providing a sealed road surface to the kerb in front of the facility.

“On the one hand you can easily think it’s not a lot, it’s just a pathway,” Mr Pearce said.

“Actually to our customers it’s a pathway to health, it’s a pathway to skills and it’s a pathway to independence.

“So for them it’s really, really valuable.”

Carinbundi has welcomed a new North Bundaberg pathway that provides better access for its clients.
Carinbundi has welcomed a new North Bundaberg pathway that provides better access for its clients.

Bundaberg Regional Council Divisional representative Cr Helen Blackburn said Council was pleased to be able to offer a solution to Carinbundi’s safety concerns.

“Our works staff had been approached by Carinbundi about their safety concerns relating to the facility’s drop-off area,” Cr Blackburn said.

“As a result Council was able to slightly extend the existing pathway project to incorporate a disability ramp and loading zone.

“The pathway was also widened directly in front of the facility which allows clients with mobility issues to safely enter the property.”

Cr Blackburn said the finishing touches would be placed on the pathway soon with solar lighting to be installed through Federation Park.

Carinbundi says North Bundaberg pathway a ‘godsend'

Mr Pearce said the results spoke for themselves.

“Previously what we had here was a grassy bank area where people were trying to get out of disability vehicles,” he said.

“Clearly the opportunity for slips and trips and falls when the grass is wet and so forth was significant.

“It was actually a hazard to people’s health.

“This investment has been significant and what it means is we’ve now got a safe, secure area where people can get out of their vehicles.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re in a wheelchair because the Council has added wheelchair access for us.

“It just means that people can now be mobile and get around with a lot more security.”

Mr Pearce said having improved connectivity to the nearby shopping centre had also proved beneficial for clients.

“Now that is actually really important because it involves a number of things. Firstly it’s fitness, people actually getting to walk and be safe and get a little bit of mobility and health in to their bodies,” he said.

“The second is they can actually go shopping, they’re learning shopping skills, they’re coming back and doing cooking skills.”

The pathway has been designed to connect with the underpass on Bundaberg-Gin Gin Road and cut through Federation Park, taking pedestrians away from the busy roadside.

“For our customers it’s absolutely critical for them to be able to use the pathway, go under the underpass, be safe, be secure, know they’re not going to get knocked down by vehicles,” Mr Pearce.

“By having this removed from the roadside it gives us that extra security and our customers now are happy to go shopping.

“It’s an absolute godsend.”

Carinbundi pathway for people with disabilities

Carinbundi was established in 1994 to provide regular respite to people with a disability from birth to 65 years of age.

“We support people with disabilities to engage with the community we have a respite facility here where they come and stay overnight for a break,” Mr Pearce said.

“Equally we take people out in to the community whether that’s shopping assisting them with life skills, social groups and anything to do with improving the lives of people with a disability.

“Anything that just means that they can be a little bit more independence in their day to day lives.”

Support Carinbundi at Christmas in July event

A Christmas in July event will be held on Friday, 5 July at Brothers Sports Club to raise funds for Carinbundi Foundation.

The evening, which is underway from 6.30pm, will include local country music stars Matthew Munro and Keely Sliwka, Beatz Me DJ and Entertainment.

Tickets are $40 or $10 for support workers, include a drink on arrival and a two course meal and can be purchased at Eventbrite or by calling Debra on 4158 9600.