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Take part in Bundy Camp Quality Camp In

Bundy Camp Quality Camp In
Bundaberg's Geoff and Debbie Knowles are set to take part in the Bundy Camp Quality Camp In and they are calling for community support. Photo: Lee-Ann Wilson Photography

Bundaberg parents Geoff and Debbie Knowles are calling on families to brave the winter chill and take part in the Bundy Camp Quality Camp In.

The couple have made it their mission to raise funds and awareness for the childhood cancer charity after they lost their teenage son Brendan to cancer in 2007.

Their experience means they understand the importance of having support from an organisation like Camp Quality which is why they participate in annual fundraisers, including the esCarpade.

“I think it’s important to support Camp Quality because Camp Quality helps build resilience and optimism for these kids by providing a range of fun therapies for them,” she said.

“We believe at Camp Quality ‘laughter is the best medicine’.”

Bundy Camp Quality Camp In on 4 July

Camp Quality’s Camp-in, to be held on 4 July, is a fun initiative raising funds in a good old-fashioned way which is easy for anyone to join in on.

Debbie said she would like as many people as possible in the Bundaberg community to get on board and take part in the Bundy Camp Quality Camp In, and it was easy to take part in the overnight fun from home.

“We are wanting the Bundaberg community to all get on board and do this from their homes,” Debbie said.

“I am doing it with my family day-care kids from our home in Avoca – we are turning our trampoline into a cubby and tent for the kids to sleep in, having a camp fire, playing cool games etc.”

Debbie said this year all of Australia had been impacted with some tough times, from droughts and fire to the current COVID-19 situation, and all of these impacted the fundraising and donation opportunities for Camp Quality.

She said sadly cancer ignored all these situations and still impacted kids on a daily basis and she believed it was important now more than ever to help these amazing children and their families.

To find out how to participant click here, or to make a donation to Bundy Camp Quality Camp In click here.

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