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Arts an important way to re-connect

Creative Regions Di Wills
Di Wills from Creative Regions believes the arts will be an important way to re-connect

During COVID-19 restrictions the arts have been a major support in people’s lives and now Creative Regions’ Artistic Director Di Wills is asking for people to support the arts.

“The arts is how we have been coping in isolation and social distancing,” Di said.

“We've live-streamed movies, theatre, ballet, bands, opera, we've played games, completed puzzles, binged on many a series, the list goes on.

“As the general public we're hungry to go see a movie, a show, a gallery.

“We wanted to be entertained by musicians in bars, by roving performers in festivals, by face-painters in the park.

“The arts are the storytellers of our time and have the ability to lift spirits.

“So in recovery, you want a musician, an artist, a performer, a storyteller to be there to help us reconnect as a wider community.”

Di said many groups are already in the planning stages for when restrictions ease further.

“Like all communities we will have social distancing challenges, but because of our picture-perfect landscape, expect to see outdoor experiences popping up across our region.

“It would be wonderful to see our community arts groups be able to come together again to rehearse and create new work and reconnect.

“We have choirs, bagpipers, actors, dancers, symphony orchestras and more who critically rely on more than 20 people in one place to create without distancing.”

Di said Creative Regions would like to look at ways that arts productions can take place sooner rather than later.

“I'd welcome initiatives that include health tracking such as temperature checks and tracing to allow these groups to get back on track.”

And when the weather warms up, Di believes the Bundaberg region will be in the perfect position to encourage the arts, with the public’s support.

“As we head into spring and summer, I'd love to see outdoor events popping up along our pristine coastline creating work that is financially viable to artists to rebuild careers.

“As restrictions ease, public support will be crucial to prove demand for more artistic experiences.

“It will be so important to tag a friend and book the tickets, see the shows, attend the events.

“It will be a slow burn that will eventually lead us back to concerts, festivals and larger crowds but it needs the public to prove the demand is still there.

“Let's face it, no one is staying at home to watch the Tiger King more than once!” Anyone interested in supporting the work Creative Regions is doing within the arts industry can keep up to date and contact them via their website.

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