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Donation no drop in the ocean for Shalom College

Shalom water
John and Patricia Santalucia and Principal Mr Dan McMahon at Shalom College.

Sporting fields at Shalom College will stay healthy and green thanks to a generous water donation from a Bundaberg family.

The Santalucia family recently donated 16 megalitres of water allocation to the school for the upkeep of the College grounds.

Principal Dan McMahon said the water would be utilised on two existing sports fields and the recent acquisition of a parcel of land beside the College (facing onto Enterprise Street).

“Shalom is extremely grateful for the water donation from the Santalucia family – putting it to good use to ensure the grounds are well maintained for future generations to come,” he said.

“We have just expanded our play area and this use of ground water will enable us to water these areas appropriately.

“This will be a huge cost saving for the College over coming years.”

Mr McMahon said the history of Santalucia family and Shalom College went as far back to when the school was first established.

He said the Santalucia family helped to clear the land in preparation for the College to be built in the early 80s.

Mr and Mrs Santalucia’s children and grandchildren also attended the college over the 36 year history.

Shalom water
John Santalucia switching on the water at Shalom College.

Principal McMahon said the school currently consumed a significant amount of town water to ensure the grass on the school's ovals stayed in suitable condition.

“We explored the requirements to access bore water and found that this was impossible without an existing allocation,” he said.

“We approached Mr and Mrs Santalucia given their historical links with the College and the family have been enormously generous and willing to assist.

“John Santalucia was one of a number of families who assisted Shalom getting off the ground in the early 80s, providing time and machinery to clear the ground to build our current oval spaces.

“Without assistance like this in the very early days, we would not have the College we have today.”

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