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Good fishing around the region

Mitch Beyer with the nice inshore grunter he caught recently.

There's good fishing around the region, including Bundaberg inshore, Burnett River, Baffle Creek and the Kolan River and Lake Monduran.

Bundaberg inshore

The inshore reefs out from Bundaberg have been producing some cracking grunter and snapper. 

Some of the grunter have been 70cm plus. 

My favourite way to chase both of these fish is by working Samaki 20g vibes all through the water column. 

Looking at your sounder and finding the bait will put you in the right spot. 

Remember, you don’t need much structure for both these species. 

I find fishing where the bait is will get you the bite, rather than fishing on heavy structure. 

Also, don’t forget to throw the squid jigs in. 

There are quite a few starting to show up on our coastline.

Burnett River

The bream and blue salmon have been the talk of the river over the past week. 

Most of the bream have been caught in the upper reaches. 

Fishing the rock bars with lightly weighted baits and soft plastics has been doing the trick for the bream. 

Most of the salmon have been caught in the town reach on 20g and 30g soft vibes. 

Try to target them on the bottom of the tide and remember to keep mixing up your retrievers. 

The prawns are still around as well. 

With the small tides again this weekend it will be well worth having a throw for them.

Baffle Creek and the Kolan River

Baffle Creek and the Kolan River have been producing some ripper flathead, bream, whiting and the odd late season mangrove jack. 

The flathead have been loving small paddle-tail soft plastics being slowly worked over shallow sand bars. 

The whiting have been towards the mouth biting on yabbies on the incoming tide and the bream have been mostly caught on the shallow rock bars. 

The jacks have been caught in the upper reaches mostly with the Lucky Craft Pointer and live baits. 

Also, there has been some good quality mud crabs being caught.  With the small tides this weekend I’d be running the pots near the main river channels.

Lake Monduran

Lake Monduran has still been fishing pretty well. 

With the cooler weather I’d definitely be focusing on the afternoon bite. 

After the sun warming the water up all day, the shallows in the afternoons have been where it’s at. 

Working Jackal Squirrels with aggressive twitches with long pauses has been getting the bite. 

Remember to fish the windblown points and bays.

Bream competition

Why not have a go at our bream comp? 

Senior and Junior categories, free to enter.  

Longest fish for each category will be the winner. 

Come into the shop to grab an “icon” and T & C’s to join the list of participants.

Till next time.

Keep it real,

Mitch Beyer

Tackle World Bundaberg