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Carinbundi programs come out of hibernation

Carinbundi community programs
Carinbundi long-term participant, and personality, Robbie Starr has the view that “COVID-19 sucks” and he's eager for the Carinbundi community programs to return to normal.

Carinbundi participants are overjoyed the community programs are returning to normal after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Carinbundi long-term participant and personality, Robbie Starr, has the view that “COVID-19 sucks” and he's eager to have operations return to normal.

But it wasn’t just Robbie who has missed the regular community outings and activities during the past nine weeks; other Carinbundi clients agreed and they now have their own “COVID-19 Sucks!” t-shirts.

Carinbundi Day Services manager Tania Anderson said people living with an intellectual disability were at risk of social isolation even before the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. 

Tania said many clients didn’t know how to use a smartphone, and they don't have a Facebook or an Instagram account.

She said many people living with a disability stayed with elderly parents or family who weren't comfortable using all the social media apps either.

“It has been tough for many of our clients,” Tania said.

“We moved over to a lot of one-on-one support during the lockdown to ensure continuity of support and socialisation for people, but it isn’t the same as catching up with your friends and going out and being part of the community.”

Tania said some of the Carinbundi clients volunteered at Meals on Wheels or the hospital, and they were keen to get back to those activities.

“They miss their job and feeling valued, they miss having a coffee with their mates and joking around with their peers and support workers,” she said.

Carinbundi encourages community inclusiveness and participation, and the programs reflect this. 

“When we are deciding on what activities to include in our programs, we firstly talk to those involved, Tania said.

“Everybody who participates in our day programs have a choice and I think that is the key to our success. 

“We want everybody to enjoy coming along. We want them to be continually learning in a fun and safe environment in order to meet their personal goals.

“At the moment, all of our activities are designed to adhere to the social distancing regulations, so we still have a little way to go before we are completely up and running.”

Carinbundi Day Services also volunteer with several mainstream groups including St Patrick’s Catholic School and Bundaberg Toy Library.

“We continue to look for volunteering opportunities for our clients as it is a great way to acquire work skills, give back to our community and help those less fortunate,” Carinbundi CEO Clive Pearce said.

“At the same time we believe it helps reduce discrimination in our community.”

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