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Willplay rocket ship a blast from the past

Willplay Rocket Ship
Bundaberg manufacturer Willplay is building rocket ships for playgrounds, decades after the last one was taken down from Rattray Park.

Bundaberg play equipment manufacturer Willplay is bringing the thrill of outer space back to the playground.

The local family business has now added the iconic Rocket Ship to their playground equipment collection.

The design has already attracted interest from locals who recall the original “moon rocket” at Rattray Park, which was removed over 20 years ago.

Willplay design manager Jared Silcox, who works out of the firm's Bundaberg office, and said the rocket design harks back to the early 70s.

“The ‘Rocket’ brings back a sense of nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the 70s and is a reminder of playing in the great outdoors before technology overtook our lives,” he said.

“It harks back to a time before mobile phones and digital technology.

“Kids always love role playing and the Rocket Ship allows for amazing imaginative play and has a crazy fun slide off the side for those that are a little more adventurous.”

While many locals will remember being able to wobble the rocket ship at Rattray Park, Mr Silcox said the new designs were far sturdier.

“It’s been designed to meet the much stricter new playground standards, to ensure kids can play in a safe and fun environment,” he said. 

“The materials have been upgraded to include extensive use of aluminium and stainless to ensure long life, even in harsh coastal environments.

“The modern roto-moulded slides allow for much more variation in slide designs.”

Willplay currently employs around 20 people in their Bundaberg factory and design office.

The company has grown over the last few years and has distributors in most states.

General manager Nathan Lee said people have been enquiring from all over and you can expect to see more of the iconic Rockets in playgrounds around the region.

“This is a new release as part of our upgraded 2020 product catalogue, so we will be seeing these going in the ground in the next couple of months,” Mr Lee said.

“The response so far has been amazing with clients all over the country designing play spaces that will do this feature item justice.

“The race is on to be the first Council to get one of these in the ground.”