Caravan safety more important than ever


With travel restrictions easing there are more caravans and RVs on the road, which has highlighted the need for driver awareness and training.

Outgoing president of the Australian Caravan Club Ltd, Craig Humphrey, said a full understanding of a caravan’s capabilities is important.

“There has been a significant increase in people purchasing RV’s for the first time with figures being quoted that sales are up 30 per cent, and newcomers accounting for a third of this increase,” Craig said.

“No doubt now we're going to see more caravans out there, so I think people need to look at what courses they can do, and refresher courses too.”

Caravan safety
Craig Humphrey, outgoing president of the Australian Caravan Club, who lives in Bargara.

Craig’s tips for caravan safety

  • Ensure that you fully understand the legal weights capabilities of both your vehicle and RV.
  • Learn to understand how the weight of a caravan works, tow ball weights, and what to do if it starts to sway — how to get out of a situation like that.
  • If a caravan heavier than two tonnes begins to sway, enact the independent brakes rather than the vehicle's
  • Do not accelerate if a caravan that weighs less than two tonnes, and does not have independent brakes, begins to sway
  • Avoid swaying by driving to the conditions, correctly positioning the load and knowing the vehicle's capabilities
  • Do not speed and always check your RV tires.
  • Work with the trucks on the road and particularly through a UHF radio on Channel 40 which allows all to understand the movements of each driver.
Caravan safety
Dale Rethamel and Ken Wilson discuss caravan safety.

Truck Friendly Road Safety program

The Bundaberg region is in a good position to take advantage of training, with the Truck Friendly Road Safety program the brainchild of Bundaberg’s Ken and Jenny Wilson.

“Truck Friendly is a national road safety program designed to help encourage road safety education, cooperation and a friendlier and supportive relationship between all road users including caravanners, RV drivers and the truck drivers on our highways and suburban roads,” Ken said.

“The program helps educate drivers via road safety tips and driving guides on the website, and the Truck Friendly Facebook page highlights caravan focused road safety information.”

“My last tip is stay safe and enjoy the lifestyle.

By doing some simple safe towing practices it will help make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

“Set your caravan and tow vehicle up properly for a safer trip.”