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Burnett Heads RV village takes shape

RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside
Aerial view of the RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside taking shape at Burnett Heads.

The first stage of a master-planned community designed for active travellers is currently taking shape at Burnett Heads.

RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside spokesperson Amy Boyd said the initial stage involves constructing 80 dwellings and there will eventually be 486 home sites.

The design promotes an emphasis on space with many of the community facilities mirroring resort-style features.

Ms Boyd said the development had a key focus on environmental sustainability, with turtle-friendly lighting.

The first stage is being constructed by local contractor Devcon, which is maximising the use of local sub-contractors and suppliers.

The initial display unit is expected to be completed by September, with Devcon also expected to complete its work by October, weather permitting.

The RV Lifestyle Village is a staged construction proposed to be completed within 5-7 years.

RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside
Eugene Terblanche and Amy Boyd at the RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside in Burnett Heads.

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