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Bundaberg Hockey swings back to action

Bundaberg Hockey
Raiders Rovers player Dean Wightman tries to get around Arrows Athletics Jack Munro in the Division 1 Bundaberg Hockey clash at Hinkler Park.

Bundaberg Hockey teams swung back in to action at Hinkler Park on Saturday after more than three months off the field.

Bundaberg Hockey Association administration officer Kerri-Anne Lund said after missing more than three months of the season, it was a relief for everyone to resume.

Before the COVID-19 restrictions came in during March, Bundaberg Hockey Association had only played one trial round at the beginning of the season and decided to only have a 10-week season in order to finish on schedule.

“We normally go from March right through to September, but now we are 10 weeks including our finals,” she said.

“The response has been positive with players coming back, and we have four-team competitions and that way we will have an even playing field when it comes to the finals.”

Kerri-Anne said despite the setback, players and their families were keen to give the season another swing.

“We had all of our junior divisions back this morning (Saturday), that’s under 11s, under 13s and under 16s,” Kerri-Anne said.

“I have had a couple of people mention it, and it’s my perception too that we have probably had the biggest crowd attend to watch the games this morning than we have had for a while.

“So that was really positive, while keeping in mind our COVID-19 plans we had in place.

“I know the parents were relieved to have the kids back out there too.”

Chris Munro said it was nice to watch his three children back on the field, and as Norville State School principal he could see all children in the Bundaberg Region were missing their sports.

Bundaberg Hockey
Arrows Athletics Jack Munro gets away from his opponent in the Division 1 Bundaberg Hockey game.

“My son, Jack, who is 17, plays division one, and then I have two daughters, Hannah and Julie who both play under 16 and seniors as well,” Chris said.

“It is really good to be back. The kids have been playing hockey since they were little kids and they’ve come through the ranks to play seniors.

“It is just so good for the kids to be back out and playing sport, and I do have to say that I do think my son is a little puffed out there at the moment.

“All three are all a little fatigued to be back out there for their first game of competitive sport, for almost a year, they haven’t really played since September last year because of the restrictions.”

Bundaberg Hockey Association results

BUNDABERG Hockey Association Round 1 results:


Arrows Athletics 8 (Tully Dorgan 3, Bridie Stehbens 2, Hamish Cook 1, Freya Cook 1, Hannah Taske 1) defeated All Blacks 1 (Zara McDonald 1)

Waves Cities 3 (Brock Green 1, Sophie Aitkenhead 1, Connor Castelli 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 0


Arrows Athletics 1 (Bridget Stehbens 1) drew with Raiders Rovers (Mitchell Figallo 1)

Waves Cities 7 (Connor Castelli 2, Sophie Castelli 1, Ryan Consen 1, Jaslyn Phillips 1, Marshall Eason 1, Sophie Aitkenhead 1) defeated All Blacks 2 (Timothy Wales 1, Chloe McDonald 1)


Arrows Athletics 7 (Jesse Beveridge 3, Damon Pegg 2, Liam Dorgan 1, Liam Taske 1) defeated All Blacks 2 (Isaac Wales 2)

Waves Cities 6 (Harrison Baldwin 2, Sam Aitkenhead 2, Jonty McMahon 1, Zali Usher 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 0


Raiders Rovers 4 (Olivia Wightman 2, Susan Kendall 1, Kim Sandwell 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 0

Waves Cities 6 (Sarah Pohlmann 3, Sarah Quaite 1, Sarah Ryan 1, Zali Usher 1) defeated All Blacks 0


Raiders Rovers 2 (Brendan Stevens 1, Riley Howard 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 1 (Martin Green 1)

Waves Cities 7 (Lachlan McLennan 2, Ryley Stevens 2, Adam Harradine 1, Callum Turner 1, Jamie Rach 1) defeated All Blacks 2 (Dale Veivers 1, Tristan Turner 1)