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Rosy future for special Gin Gin plants

rose bushes
Nursery Manager Diane Southwell and Horticulture trainee Darien Doyle with one of the rose bushes at the Botanic Gardens Nursery.

Council's parks and gardens team is playing a special role in the Gin Gin Streetscape works, caring for rose bushes that have special meaning for residents.

The rose garden was established to acknowledge local identities who’ve contributed to the Gin Gin community.

The Parks Operations and Maintenance and Botanic Gardens team took on the responsibility of caring for the plants and organised for them to be dug up and transported to Council’s Botanic Gardens depot for the duration of the project.

Nursery Manager Diane Southwell said the 35 rose bushes were in good hands and the nursery staff were giving them the attention they needed.

“We’ve pruned off damaged and broken roots and created a mound of soil in large pots to carefully spread the roots over the mound,” she said.

“We’ve topped up the pots with specially prepared potting mix, ensuring the graft union is above the soil.

“We are also growing Society Garlic in between each pot to help prevent aphid insects attacking the new growth.”

“A nutritious diet is part of the nursery care and the rose bushes are fed weekly with a variety of liquid feeds.

“We are using our own homemade compost teas, seaweed extract mixed with Essential Plus, and liquids high in phosphorus and potassium to help promote root growth,” Diane said.

“Once the roots are better established, we will introduce organic granular feeds on a monthly basis.”

Rose bushes in good hands

Cr Wayne Honor said the roses were in very safe hands.

“We are very fortunate to have the Gin Gin roses being regenerated at the Botanic Gardens nursery under Diane Southwell’s professional supervision,” Cr Honor said.

“Many of the roses had been identified as having stem rot and root issues.

“Diane has long experience with biological gardening techniques.

“This will see that the community rose gardens get the best start when the new beds are completed.

“It’s pleasing to see the progress in the street and the Community Hub receiving such interest from community members and staff passed on to me that they have enjoyed working on the project and meeting residents.”

The Gin Gin Streetscape project is expected to be completed in October and the rose bushes will be transported back to Gin Gin for replanting within the revitalized streetscape.