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Colour and care key at Fairymead House

A sea of colourful flowers and lush green lawn greets visitors to Fairymead House with its gardens lovingly tended by Council’s Botanic Gardens parks team.

Jane Marin's Alloway garden an oasis

Jane Marin's lush garden at Alloway started as a cleared block 26 years ago. It's now been planned, grown and transformed into a lush oasis.

In our Garden: Hard work pays off at In the Grove

This week in In our Garden we take a look around Sandy and Ian Hatton's beautiful garden at their home and venue, In the Grove, on Rosedale Road.

Station Road garden oozes old-world charm

There’s more than a touch of old-world charm embedded in the beautiful gardens created by Helen and Alan White on their spacious Station Road property at Horton near Childers.

Moore Park Beach garden a labour of love

Visitors to the Moore Park Beach Community Centre all appreciate the colour and variety in the gardens.

In our Garden: A place of harmony, love and community

Before the Tom Quinn Community Centre established its gardens in 2002, the area was native bushland that was largely inaccessible to the public.

Rejuvenate grass with The Lawn Lab

Got a problem with patchy grass, who do you call? Travis Savage from The Lawn Lab should be on your list.

Alloway rustic garden soothes the soul

Michael and Janine Tyler's rustic garden at Alloway provides a lush oasis around their home and reflects their personalities.

Spring produces glory in the garden

Spring is payoff time for local gardeners with the glorious weather encouraging plants and blooms to be at their brilliant best.

In our Garden: ‘Tropical resort' garden flourishes at Elliott

This week we visit the amazing tropical garden of Sylvia and Wolfie Oetjen on Childers Road, Elliott, made with mega-tonnes of mulch.

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