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Trevor’s famous chocolate cake

trevor's famous chocolate cake
Trevor Green in the kitchen at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre

At work you can find Trevor Green at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre, but in his spare time you can often find him in the kitchen and now he's sharing his famous chocolate cake recipe.

“I love this recipe,” Trevor said.

“I used to make it in the hotel rooms when I was on tour with the Ballet company.

“it’s so easy – all you need is a microwave.”

Trevor has been making this recipe for around 40 years.

“I started at a very young age,” Trevor joked.

“The recipe came from on old 70s cookbook when microwaves were the new thing.”

While Trevor has made his famous chocolate cake probably hundreds of times over the years, he said it’s pretty fool proof.

“I have been called a fool many times, so YES, it’s fool proof.

“The only thing I would suggest is try not to eat too much of the mixture before you place it in the microwave – it’s very moreish.

“I recommend eating it in one portion,” Trevor quipped, “although. if you have to share, it makes 8 slices, and is best served warm, with ice cream.”

Give Trevor's recipe a go this weekend!

trevor's famous chocolate cake
The recipe for Trevor's Famous Chocolate Cake