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Students learn how to build a better resume

Resume building workshop
Year 12 students and industry leaders got together at Rosedale State High School for a resume building workshop.

Students at Rosedale State High School learnt the importance of building a better resume from industry leaders as part of Bundaberg Regional Council’s Jobs Commitment program.

The workshop followed feedback from businesses involved with the Jobs Commitment program on what they look for in a good resume and the mistakes they often find.

Council's organisational development team Leader Georgia Burgess said a good resume can make a huge difference when applying for a job.

“A student who presents with a professionally presented, well thought-out resume can instantly put themselves to the top of a shortlist,” Georgia said.

“It is really critical that job seekers think about their point of difference that will stand them apart from other job seekers.”

Council’s Community Services portfolio spokesperson Cr Tracey McPhee agreed.

“A resume that is punchy and straight to the point will always capture the attention of an employer or recruiter,” she said.

The workshop was attended by 20 Year 12 students.

It started with a presentation on building a good resume from the ground up, including writing an effective objective, promoting their skills and targeting the resume for a prospective employer.

Each student then had the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with one of the business leaders who attended.

Council electrician Tyler Nelson said he wanted to participate in the workshop to help students understand how a well-constructed resume can make a huge difference when job seeking.

“I wish I had this opportunity when I was at school,” Tyler said.

“It definitely gives great insight into industry and how to go about getting a job.”

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Posted by Rosedale State School: P-12 Campus on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Senior secondary department head at Rosedale High School, Anthony Holt, said the workshop addressed several issues they had identified.

“A big part that we found was that students didn’t really know how to talk themselves up when it came time to build their resume,” Anthony said.

“It’s very important that they can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that there will be jobs for them.

“To have a quality, professional resume when they go for jobs will give them a lot of positivity.

“A big reason for the success of the workshop is that we’ve got people here from the community who hire people for jobs.

“It’s really good to hear from people who do the hiring and it makes it interesting and beneficial for the students.

“It’s a fantastic initiative from the Council and every student should be doing it.”

Year 12 student Charlotte Hiscox said the workshop was very worthwhile.

“I’ve learnt how to sculpt a nice resume for any future jobs, what to put first so I’ll be considered,” she said.

“It’s definitely helped me write a better resume; you have to sell yourself and it has taught me to develop my skills.”

Council intends to offer the resume building workshop through the Bundaberg Jobs Commitment at other high schools.

Interested schools can contact Amber Lutter at amber.lutter@bundaberg.gov.au.