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Adopt a pet: gentle Jenna ready for new home

gentle jenna
Gentle Jenna is available for adoption at Bundaberg RSPCA

Jenna the gentle husky is available for adoption at Bundaberg RSPCA.

At eight-years-old Jenna is a gentle but fun-loving older lady, and if anything, her personality is only shining brighter with age.

Her favourite thing in the world is the attention and cuddles of people and being an older lady, she likes the finer things in life, such as being allowed in the house.

Described as a doting dog, gentle Jenna loves the company of people and her new home would preferably be one where the owners are home most of the time, because if she does get left alone for too long, she will start to look for a way to find you.

For this reason, her new home will need to be as secure as Fort Knox, for there are not many places that can hold a husky that doesn't want to be contained.

Jenna is an extremely social dog with both people and other dogs, and Living up to the Husky description, she thrives on human company – whether that be children or adults.

She has lived as an only dog before, but in her older age would like another canine friend around for security and companionship.

She is lead trained and has a nose that loves to inspect all the goings' on of the neighbourhood.

While she is usually cool, calm and collected on most outings, her ancestral desire to hunt sometimes gets the better of her and she has been known to chase smaller animals. Cats, small dogs and pocket pets should therefore be avoided for their own safety.

Of course, huskies are known for their voice and Jenna is no exception. While she’s usually relatively quiet, she does love to sing the song of her people every now and then.

If gentle Jenna sounds like the perfect dog for you, she can be adopted from Bundaberg RSPCA for $350.

Her adoption fee includes her desexing, microchip and health check, and makes sure she is up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Female

Age: 8 years



  1. Is she still available? I’m, in bundy-south, have large property (fenced) and have been looking for a companion for a while now. My last dog I had for 14 years… he left me a few years ago, and as was his nature he wandered off into the distance never to come back… he knew it was his time… I miss him… and would like to be a mate with another…

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