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Mayor calls for boat ramp upgrades

Riverview boat ramp
Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey at the proposed Riverview boat ramp location.

New and improved boat ramps in the Bundaberg Region should be delivered, according to Mayor Jack Dempsey.

Mayor Dempsey said the State Government should fund new facilities or upgrades at seven sites.

These are Riverview, Walkers Point, Burnett Heads, Strathdees Road, Sandy Hook, Kalkie and Booyan.

“The Walkers Point boat ramp was identified as a priority one project in the 2017 Queensland Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study, which is still the current strategy for the state,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“There hasn’t been any funding allocated yet from the Marine Infrastructure Investment Program for projects in the Wide Bay Burnett.

“I discussed this with Transport Minister Mark Bailey when he visited recently, and the Minister undertook to make further inquiries.”

Mayor Dempsey said the 4670 postcode has the second highest number of boat registrations in Queensland.

“Bundaberg Region residents love our boating and fishing,” he said.

“We have safe waterways and incredible diversity from freshwater rivers to reefs and open seas.

“I’m calling on local politicians, state election candidates and parties to deliver these much-needed boat ramp improvements.”

Rivervew boat ramp
A proposal to formalise a new boat ramp with parking at Riverview.

Proposed boat ramp upgrades

Burnett Heads Boat Harbour: Expand parking to achieve an additional 20 spaces.

Strathdees Road: Conduct a feasibility study to determine if floating infrastructure is viable in this section of the Burnett River. If so, rebuild and widen ramp, formalise the parking area to achieve 45 trailer spaces.

Walkers Point, Woodgate: Widen the ramp to add a floating walkway and formalise parking to achieve 45 spaces.

Riverview: Formalise the unofficial facility to two lanes with a floating walkway and 45 parking spaces.

Mcgills Road, Kalkie: Expand ramp to four lanes and increase parking to 90 spaces. Investigate the feasibility to determine if a heavy-duty pontoon is viable.

Sandy Hook: Expand parking by 45 spaces.

Booyan Ramp, Moore Park Beach: Undertake a feasibility study to determine if the ramp can be reconstructed as near all-tide. If near all-tide access can be achieved, wide the ramp to two lanes and formalise parking to 30 spaces.

Walkers Point boat ramp upgrades are needed
It's proposed to widen the boat ramp at Walkers Point, Walkers Beach, to add a floating walkway and formalise parking to achieve 45 spaces.



  1. Also include a pontoon at the burnett river at the ramp under the town reach was washed away in floods and never replaced. Hard to launch a fibre glass boat as you have to pull it up onto concrete whilst you park your trailer

  2. Yes a pontoon would be fantastic for disabled persons to get on and off vessels …not large vessels just your family sized ones …Thanks for considering this suggestion .

  3. Would be good to get floating pontoons beside boat ramps to enable disabled access to their boats. Boat ramp under bridge in Bundaberg not disabled friendly, Sandy Hook boat ramps not disable friendly but looking to enable more cars?

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