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Mini-entrepreneurs to run Homeschooler Artisan Market

Homeschool Artisan Market
Five-year-old Lucinda Dumont came up with the Homeschooler Artisan Market idea and she has now started a Facebook page called Crafty Little Chilli, named after her dog Chilli.

Mini-entrepreneurs from the Bundaberg Region are about to earn some extra pocket money with the first Homeschooler Artisan Market.

The niche market so far has about 10 stalls, stocking a variety of arts, craft and project ideas, that were all thought up by the Bundaberg Homeschoolers group members.

Five-year-old Lucinda Dumont and her mum Lauren Corvino came up with Homeschooler Artisan Market idea after Lucinda kept asking questions about making and saving money.

“Lucinda loves making craft, and we came up with the idea after she kept asking about how much items cost when we were at the shops, and she wanted to know how to make money,” Lauren said.

Homeschool Artisan Market
Five-year-old Lucinda Dumont has always loved making craft and now she will sell her hand-made goods at the Homeschooler Artisan Market at HSG at the Gardens.

“For the last few months Lucinda has had this amazing motivation, we are not pushing her at all, she loves creating craft and now she wants to share it and to also make money out of it.

“My partner and I were telling her how when we were kids, we would have lemonade stalls and garage sales to make pocket money, but as we live on acreage in Gin Gin Lucinda decided that wouldn’t work and so we thought the markets, but Gin Gin market is mostly fruit and vegetables, and more of a food market.

“So, we reached out to the Bundaberg Homeschoolers group, and we have had such an amazing response.”

Lauren said the initial post asked if any other homeschooling families would be interested in being involved with small market to sell craft made by children.

“I didn’t think we would get such a response, I thought maybe a little playground market selling craft for pocket money, but now I have seen some of the stuff the kids are making and it’s really amazing,” she said.

“We had HSG at the Gardens’ owner Dion, who also homeschools his daughters, say he’d love to have it at their restaurant; I am really just blown away by the amount of interest we have had in such a short time.”

As a high school teacher herself Lauren said she enjoyed the flexibility she and Lucinda had when it came to homeschooling.

“I find homeschooling caters to child’s interest,” she said.

“It’s really great and works for us, as we can cater for Lucinda’s learning needs with flexibility.

“We are really excited and blown away about the upcoming Homeschooler Artisan Market.”

The market will be held at HSG at the Gardens on 20 September from 10am to 2pm.