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Wide Bay Over 50s love the game

Wide Bay Over-50s
Wide Bay Over 50s Ross Peggs retires after scoring 50 runs in the first hour of the opening Queensland Veteran's Cricket game against Gold Coast at Kendall Flat.

As Wide Bay Over 50s cricket coordinator Ross Pegg strolled from the pitch at Kendalls Flat with his head held high it was easy to see his love for the game.

Scoring 50 runs in the opening hour of the Queensland Veterans Cricket game against Gold Coast Over 50s, Ross was smiling ear-to-ear as he described the rush from the game that remained from decades earlier.

“I hit a couple in the middle bat, and I missed a lot,” Ross said.

“But I must admit I was swinging well at some stage.

“Of course, it’s great to be playing here at a home game.”

Wide Bay Over 50s played a double header against teams from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The 59-year-old said the day was off to a good start with perfect weather, and a couple of local players making their debut in Bundaberg Veterans Cricket.

“We had to drum up a few new players because not everyone has been able to play because of COVID-19, so we have two new players Damian O'Neall and Stephen Hamilton,” Ross said.

“Queensland Veterans Cricket is the fastest growing sport in Australia.

“Having this many players out on the field is just great to see.

“Brisbane has never been here before, and they’re one of the teams that have a chance of winning the premiership, so they’ve come in strength and haven’t brought a second-rate side.”

Wide Bay Over-50s
Wide Bay Over-50s players Brett Harris and Ross Pegg with the Presidents Shield that was won by Wide Bay Over-50s Div 2 last year.

Wide Bay Over 50s opening batsman, against the Gold Coast team, Brett Harris said it was the first time this year Wide Bay’s Over 50s had played in Bundaberg and it was more than just a game to the teams.

“We won the Over 50s Division 2 last year, but we didn’t get a chance to defend our title this year as we got put in Div 1 and Div 3,” he said.

“We have five State reps playing here today in Div 3, four of us played for Queensland in Over 50s, and one has played for New South Wales in Over-50s; then in Division 1 we have six Queensland State Reps – so it’s always good cricket.

“The thing with Over 50s is, it’s very competitive but very social – we take the cricket very seriously, but not the sledging, we have fun while we are doing it.”

Queensland Veterans Cricket results

Div 1: Brisbane 4/195 d Wide Bay 7/194 (G McClintock 50, D O'Neall 37)
Div 3: Wide Bay 4/239 (R Pegg 50, R Cartright 50, T Schlein 50, L Raveneau 47) d Gold Coast 72 (S O'May 3-15, C Munro 3-16, P Kelsey 2-3)