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Women Making Gravy workshop in Bundaberg

Edwina Robertson Women Making Gravy
The Women Making Gravy Workshops, the first of which will be held tonight, focus on helping rural and regional businesswomen make the most of Instagram.

After COVID forced the closure of her wedding photography business, Edwina Robertson devoted her knowledge and time to Women Making Gravy – a project that helps smaller communities understand and use Instagram to empower their business.

Speaking to Bundaberg Now, Edwina said the Bundaberg workshop will take place tonight, 5:45pm at Regional Business HQ and will aim to teach others how they can use Instagram to promote their business online and make a living.

“There are so many opportunities to grow your business on Instagram but getting started can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what to do, or how to apply it to your business,” she said.

“I make these workshops easy to understand for beginners and help business owners apply what we learn to their business, which can sometimes be the hardest part.”

The sixth-generation Australian from Deepwater, New South Wales, has been a photographer for eight years, earning her the nickname ‘queen of the dust’ and an Instagram following of over 20,000.

But, that all stopped when the COVID pandemic hit.  

Realising many people would be in the same situation, she decided to use her knowledge in digital marketing to create her new business, Women Making Gravy.

 “The pandemic has thrown everything on its head,” she said.

“All of my jobs as a photographer were put on hold, and I didn’t know when things would go back to normal.

“I know a lot of regional business owners are feeling like this, because they’ve relied on tourism, retail or the land for their income.

“But the workshops are really for anyone if they’re feeling in a creative rut or needing to pivot your business in these testing times.

In the 90-minute workshop, small business owners will learn how to use the free tools on Instagram to grow and draw an income.

“We’ll teach people how to create bios that attract new followers, use Hashtags effectively, create an Instagram strategy ,pick-up some expert tips to grow your following ,participate in a creative session to gather ideas for your business ,create effective and engaging Instagram stories and they’ll receive personalised help.”

Two other workshops sessions will be held, with one at the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre on 10 September, at 10:15 am and another at Gayndah Community Hall on 9 September at 5:45pm.

To find out more and to book click here.

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