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Tree planting day benefits students and environment

Planting day Bundaberg State High School
Cr Wayne Honor at the Bundaberg State High School planting day.

Bundaberg State High School students planted 20 trees yesterday to recognise National Tree Planting Day which was held last month.

The Year 8 special education students planted 20 trees along the school’s boundary to improve native flora biodiversity and further enhance the area's natural aesthetics.  

Special Education Department teacher Cathie McInnes said the program had been running for six years and taught students the importance of the natural environment and teamwork.

“We’ve been running this program for six years now,” Ms McInnes said.

“With the practical living skills program, each year we try to specialise in different things, so with year eight it’s very much so about caring for our environment.

“The students have their own veggie garden and all year round they care for the vegetable garden.

“The school’s tree day falls into that and it really teaches them lot about working together and the environment.”

Bundaberg State High School  Tree Planting Day
Year 8 Bundaberg State High School student Tanya and Cr Wayne Honor at the planting.

The annual event, held each year, gets students out of classrooms and into the garden to help plant seedlings.

For Ms McInnes, the benefit is not only to the school grounds.

“We have such a diverse range of students. There are some who have sensory issues, so getting their hands dirty is a big deal, but they’ve all done it really well and it’s the year eight’s job to still care for the trees too, so they’ll be regularly watering them.

“It’s how we see them evolve, taking more initiative themselves some of them don’t do anything without being told.

“We’re just so proud of all of our students and how they’ve accomplished and lead this program.”

The students don’t need much encouragement though, and speaking at the event, Jack said planting was an important job.

Today we’ll be planting 20 native Australian trees to help the conservation and growth of trees in our local community,” he said.

“We feel it is extremely important to grow these trees because it provides oxygen and shade.

“Planting trees is fun by yourself but when there are lot of people its turns into a wonderful community event not just for people, but the plants and animals as well.”

Bundaberg Regional Council parks and gardens portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honour attended the event and praised the young students for their passion.

“You students will blaze the trail for the future, and today you’re already demonstrating that you’re capable of managing the environment into the future,” he said.

“Like you, the trees we plant today will grow, mature and blossom into wonderful additions to our communities.”