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Drivers College calls for more volunteer educators

Drivers Collage
Bruce Reville gives Donna McLoughlin the thumbs up after she completed her course.

For seven years Drivers College in Bundaberg has been helping motorists keep up to date with road rules and be better drivers.

Now the not-for-profit organisation is now seeking more volunteers to ensure the wheels keep rolling to help educate not only young people before they get their driver's licence, but also drivers who want to update their skills on the road.

Director of Drivers College Rob Andrews said they offered a number of education programs, including a world-first Driver Education Roadshow initiative that was developed at the complex in Brickworks Circuit.

“We are looking to train volunteers to be educators at the moment,” he said.

“This will help us to keep up with the demand – and we run on a by-demand basis.”

Rob said Drivers College was open to teenagers as young as 15, which meant the volunteers were able to teach road skills before the teens even sat behind the wheel for the first time.

“We have the Driver Distraction program, which is hands on, and I find a better way of learning for a lot of kids,” Rob said.

“This program measures the distraction time and how far the driver has travelled before coming to a stop.

“People say they would never do some things, but then they get behind the wheel and the opportunity is there and there are consequences; this program gives them the chance to see this in a safe environment before hitting the road.”

Drivers Collage
Drivers College offers a world-first Driver Education Roadshow initiative.

He said the program was launched two years ago and it's very popular, with participants now travelling from outside the Wide Bay to take part.

“This week we had a group from Dalby come up to Bundaberg for this, and while they are here, they stay and eat here – it’s good for other businesses,” Rob said.

“Having this program here is good for the whole Bundaberg Region.”

Rob said people interested in being a volunteer had to have a “clean driving licence history” and they would have to be willing to obtain a Blue Card.

“We are currently looking for at least another four volunteers at the moment,” he said.

“Anyone who is keen to help others should get in contact with us, and the age of volunteers doesn’t matter at all.”

For more information about Drivers College phone 4181 1773 or click here.