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Home Business Rum City Paintball reopens after relocating

Rum City Paintball reopens after relocating

Rum City Paintball
Rum City Paintball's Jason Piper along with Blake Bissaker at the newly reopened facility.

Rum City Paintball has reopened bigger and better in a new location with hopes to attract a Central Queensland competition to the region.

Rum City Paintball owner Jason Piper said the relocation took a little longer than expected, but he is now keen to see the return of the competitive sport and hobby.

“Rum City Paintball started as a club 20-odd years ago, then in 2013 it transitioned into a business and continued to grow,” Jason said.

“We decided to move to a new location and after a few hiccups along the way, and a lot of help from mates who went through the journey with me, now we are open again.

“It’s pretty massive to now be open after three years, and we’re really excited about it.”

Jason said paintball participation continued to grow across Queensland. It attracts both hobbyists and sportspeople to the recreation that was developed in the 1980s.

“Paintball started out for groups such as bucks and hens’ parties, birthday and work get-togethers, to come out for a bit of fun,” he said.

Rum City Paintball
Rum City Paintball has reopened in a new location and is now taking bookings for teams to give it their best shot.

“But in the last few years there’s been real growth in the sport; we have a number of teams already in Bundaberg that go and play around the state in competitions – and I am hoping to bring the paintball competition here.

“Competition in Queensland stops at Brisbane and I am hoping to incorporate three businesses, Zero Alpha from Fraser Coast, Magnum from Rockhampton and Rum City here, and have a competition that is more central.

“It would be great for Bundaberg to have a state competition held here.”

Rum City Paintball is now located at the corner of Williamsons and Rosedale Roads, Mullet Creek, 30km north of Bundaberg.

There are four playing fields, with a fifth currently being constructed, and the site spans over six acres. It operates by appointment only.

Jason said the different fields offered different experiences, and included bush warfare, a professionally sized speed ball field and a hill and fort field.

Rum City Paintball
Rum City Paintball is now at the corner of Williamsons and Rosedale Roads, Mullet Creek.

“We are looking for people who want to get involved in the competition, and also anyone who wants to come out enjoy paintball as a hobby or sport,” he said.

“We have group bookings and hire out the equipment, or people in the gel blaster community can use the facility with their own equipment.”

For more information about Rum City Paintball phone 0403 736 893 or click here.


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