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Back to work for Bundaberg Health Services buggy

Tanya O’Shea-Drabsch and Brant Duff
Tanya O’Shea-Drabsch and Brant Duff with Bundaberg Health Services Foundation volunteers.

Bundaberg Health Services Foundation unveiled a new buggy that will help carry patients and staff between buildings.

The unveiling coincided with the service’s fifth year of operation, although it's been suspended for the past five months due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Bundaberg Health Services Foundation volunteer coordinator Tanya O’Shea-Drabsch said the unveiling of the buggy also meant the return of the foundation’s volunteers.

“We had to shut down the service because of COVID and we actually had some mechanical issues with the last buggy,” Tanya said.

“We were lucky enough to get some money from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund and a donation from Triple S strawberries to buy a new one.

“It’s magic to have the buggy, but also to have all the volunteers back.

“The foundation could not be who we are and do what we do without our team. We have 15 drivers in total and they man this service about 40 hours a week.

“It’s really exciting to be able to launch this new buggy today.”

Since August 2015 the buggy service at Bundaberg Hospital has transported 58,710 people and a few dogs.

The last buggy travelled 38,054km and, on average, the service transported 60 passengers per day within the hospital campus.

Tanya said the buggy was hugely popular with many elderly and sick patients, and staff.

“The purpose of this particular buggy is to go from the main entrance at the base hospital all the way to cancer care and dental and that’s about 600 metres or takes about four minutes walking,” she said.

“We transport patients, staff, anybody that needs to get from one side of the hospital to the other.

“We shut this down at the end of March and staff and patients have really struggled walking that distance.

“It’s very sad we weren’t able to help them, but we are back and ready to assist people however we can.”