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Catholic Colleges ready for new senior assessment

Shalom College - Bundaberg
Catholic Colleges from Bundaberg to Mackay are confident with the support that has been provided to Year 12 students.

Catholic Colleges from Bundaberg to Mackay are confident with the support that has been provided to Year 12 students as all schools in Queensland move to the final phase of the Queensland Certificate of Education.

More than 1000 Year 12 students will graduate from seven Catholic Secondary Colleges this year, which are part of the Catholic Education system for the Diocese of Rockhampton.

The 2020 Year 12 students are the first to include ATAR eligible students.

Year 12 students will also undertake external assessments in their general subjects during the 18-day external assessment period as part of COVID teaching restrictions.

Director of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Rockhampton, Miss Leesa Jeffcoat, said that despite COVID, students are well-prepared to do their best in the final stages of their studies this year through the externally set examinations.

“Despite the year being somewhat disrupted due to COVID -19, our 2020 senior students have applied themselves with maturity, diligence and commitment to their learning, well-supported at all times by their dedicated teachers,” she said.

“Every college has implemented at least two of the ‘brand new syllabuses’ and our Catholic Colleges are continuing to have a solid uptake of school-based apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities with currently 170 students signed up.

Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton has run a significant number of networking opportunities over the past three years to support shared resourcing and collaboration among senior teachers.

Teaching and learning assistant director, Carmel Kriz, said teachers had been extraordinary in their commitment and support of the new system, many in lead and chief roles in the new Queensland Certificate of Education system.

“We have 16 who are endorsers, checking that internal assessment from across the state aligns with the syllabus and is reliable and accessible to students,” Mrs Kriz said.

“We also have 55 confirmers who participate in a process to ensure that student assessment across the state is graded fairly, accurately and consistently. Many teachers have also applied to be markers of the external assessments, managed by the QCAA.

“This is a wonderful representation of our teachers and acknowledgement of their professionalism.”

In final term year, Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton will be running 10 “think tanks” for teachers to deconstruct external assessment tasks, debrief on the first cycle of implementation of the new Queensland Certificate of Education system, and engage in professional conversations to build consistency of understanding.

Miss Jeffcoat acknowledged the tremendous professional support provided by the QCAA staff over this period through extensive online and until recently face-to-face professional learning opportunities.

“Despite the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and learning from home during term two, the incredible professionalism of our teachers and staff has been exemplified,” she said.

“Our students too, in all year levels, but particularly Year 12 rose to the challenge.”

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