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Hinkler Innovation Award nominations open

Hinkler Innovation Award
Greensill Farming Group executive director Peter Greensill and general manager Damien Botha have encouraged people to nominate local innovators for the Hinkler Innovation Award.

Winning the Hinkler Innovation Award was a great honour for Greensill Farming Group and now the third-generation farmers are encouraging people to nominate innovators in this year’s awards.

The award, named after Bundaberg’s famous pioneer aviator Bert Hinkler, celebrates exceptional individuals who have made local, national and international contributions to innovation or entrepreneurship and are leading the way in Australian innovation.

That’s certainly the case for the Greensill family which has continued to maintain its business base in the Bundaberg Region despite the huge international success their farming and finance ventures have enjoyed.

Executive Director Peter Greensill said it was very rewarding for the family to be recognised with the 2019 Hinkler Innovation Award.

“The award was a great reflection on three generations of farming in the Bundaberg region,” Peter said.

“As a family, we were extremely proud to be recognised for our ongoing contribution to the future of agriculture.”

Greensill Farming Group general manager Damien Botha said the Hinkler Innovation Award was a great opportunity to celebrate the success of staff members working diligently behind the scenes.

“The award gave us a real chance to highlight the hard work that is often unseen in the wider community,” Damien said.

“Through seeing the innovation in other industries, it gives us the ability to view things differently and approach challenges within our own sector and create synergies.”

Damien said as a company they too had recognised the significance of the region’s solo pioneer aviator, with the Hinkler Room featured in the Greensill Capital office in Daresbury.

“Our global operations under the Greensill banner are very passionate about supporting each other.

“As a reflection on their interest and support of our farming business, Greensill Capital created an innovation space within the finance operation that also pays homage to the company’s roots.”

Marcus McCormick, Damien Botha and Mayor Jack Dempsey with the Hinkler Innovation Award. awarded to the Greensill Family.

Damien encouraged people to nominate deserving businesses or individuals for the Hinkler Innovation Award.

“The award gives businesses a chance to stop and think about what they are achieving, which team members are a part of that achievement, and to recognise their ongoing success,” he said.

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