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Totally Flipt bouncing into Bundaberg

The family owned business will be run by the family too with their children, Callum, Pheonix, Mia, Bryson and Seth all helping out in the installation and the operation of the trampolining centre.

You may be able to fly, flip and bounce off the walls at the new family run Totally Flipt trampolining centre, which is aiming to open in Bundaberg early next year.

The centre, the subject of a development application which is yet to be assessed by Bundaberg Regional Council, seeks to deliver a new trampoline centre at 29 Steptoe Street, East Bundaberg.

Owner of Totally Flipt Jodie Horton said they would offer a range of activities from trampolining to basketball.

“We’ve got an adult foam pit, a gymnastics trampoline, a few junior trampolines, some adult trampolines with pyramids and some wall trampolines,” Jodie said.

“We’re hoping to start off small but add something different to it too and we’ll be bringing a café into the space and a toddler play area, so parents with children of different age groups aren’t sitting in the car waiting to finish jumping.”

“It won’t just be trampolines, there’ll be a rock-climbing wall, continuing with a wall run and eventually we’ll be adding pool tables and different things so if they don’t want to jump, they’ve got other options.”

“There’ll be something for everyone in the family.”

A flippin' fun adventure

Totally Flipt trampolining centre, which is hoping to open in Bundaberg early next year.
Bounce off the walls at the new family run Totally Flipt trampolining centre, which is hoping to open in Bundaberg early next year.

The new family-run business comes off the back of the closure of the popular Flip Out Trampoline Arena, which closed in May citing COVID restrictions as the reason.

Jodie has utilised some of the equipment from Flip Out and said the support from the local community in transporting it had been overwhelming.

“We put up on Facebook asking for help and we ended up with two guys coming to help us and Just Freight removalists contacting us.

“They showed us this could be possible, and they managed to bring it all over and the help from the community has really been amazing.”

If approved, two hour closed sessions will be run throughout the week, and Jodie said a range of COVID related caveats will be put in place to ensure customer safety. 

“Because of the way COVID is going to require us to function, it will be two-hour sessions and closed for half an hour to clean everything and then another two-hour session.”

“Those two hours sessions during the week and school hours will change, so one day is going to be for family day-care educators, another for childcare centres. It’s so we don’t have big kids, adults and young children in here at the same time.”

“It’ll be a closed session for certain groups Monday to Friday and then public bookings after school and weekends.”

The family said they hoped the facility would be open in early 2021. 

“It’s definitely been a fun journey and with me, Christian and the kids spending a lot of time of pulling all the original trampolines apart,” Jodie said.

“The kids are definitely excited, and we are hoping to open by the end of January – that is the goal.”

“With everything that’s going on, it’s exciting that we can open it up given the COVID situation.”

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