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Winning softball start for Waves Schooners

Bundaberg softball resumes
Josh Rawson pitches for Waves Schooners in their A grade men’s clash with United Heat on Saturday.

Colby Thompson, Sam Field and Colton Brockhurst were among the stars as Waves Schooners made it two wins to start the Hervey Bay Softball A grade men’s season with a well-executed 6-3 victory over cross-town rivals and reigning premiers United Heat at Brothers Sports Complex on Saturday.

After whitewashing Terrors in the first round, Waves rolled up their sleeves and turned down the Heat.

In the A grade men’s matches at the Bay, Maryborough also made it back-to-back wins, taming Terrors 11-1, while Bargara Bombers suffered their second loss, overpowered by Misfits 12-1.

Just one A grade women's match was played due to the State Championships in Rockhampton, and Bargara Bullets suffered a Terrors attack, beaten 14-4.

In the Bundaberg Netball Spring Cup, three teams have skipped away after two rounds in the Pool A competition with Brothers Hurricanes, who struck against Fusion Solomons, powering away 47-26. Waves Rollers were unstoppable against Alloway Purple, triumphing 44-7, and Waves Crushers who lived up to their name against Alloway Blue, romped home to a 48-18 win.


Spring Cup Round 2:

Pool A: Brothers Hurricanes 47 d Fusion Solomons 26, Waves Rollers 44 d Alloway Purple 7, Natives Swans 20 d Waves Breakers 14, Natives Eagles 27 d Brothers Thunder 23, Waves Crushers 48 d Alloway Blue 18, Natives Magpies 45 d Alloway Red 20. Points: Brothers Hurricanes 23, Waves Rollers 21, Waves Crushers 20, Natives Eagles 15, Natives Magpies 13, Natives Swans 12, Brothers Thunder 11, Alloway Blue 9, Alloway Red 8, Waves Breakers 6, Fusion Solomons 5, Alloway Purple 2.

Pool B: Waves Sunrays 21 d Alloway Yellow 11, Natives Rosellas 41 d Natives Parrots 22. Points: Natives Rosellas 13, Waves Sunrays 11, Alloway Yellow 10, Natives Parrots 7.

Pool C: Natives Kookaburras 47 d Alloway Orange 3, Waves Angelfish 33 d Alloway Aqua 3, Brothers Twisters 27 d Alloway Maroon 7. Points: Brothers Twisters 20, Waves Angelfish 20, Natives Kookaburras 19, Alloway Maroon 3, Alloway Aqua 2, Alloway Orange 2.

Pool D: Fusion Ocrete 31 d Waves Coasters 23, Brothers Storm 20 drew Brothers Typhoons 20, Waves Riptides 29 d Alloway Green 12. Points: Brothers Storm 14, Waves Riptides 14, Alloway Green 11, Fusion Ocrete 11, Waves Coasters 9, Brothers Typhoons 8, Natives Peacocks 4.

Pool E: Natives Galahs 35 d Waves Seaturtles 4, Natives Firebirds 20 d Brothers Blizzards 9, Waves Sunfish 20 d Brothers Heat 3. Points: Waves Sunfish 16, Natives Firebirds 14, Natives Galahs 13, Brothers Heat 9, Brothers Blizzards 4, Natives Falcons 4, Waves Seaturtles 2.

Pool F: Natives Kingfishers 9 d Fusion Force 8, Brothers Earthquakes 16 d Waves Seashells 4, Alloway Lavender 8 d Waves Seahorses 7. Points: Brothers Earthquakes 14, Natives Kingfishers 12, Fusion Dan’s Elite Auto 11, Alloway Lavender 7, Waves Seahorses 4, Fusion Force 3, Waves Seashells 3.


Round 2:

A Grade Ladies: Terrors 14 d Bargara Bullets 4.

A Grade Men: Waves Schooners 6 d United Heat 3, Misfits 12 d Bargara Bombers 1, Maryborough 11 d Terrors 1.

B Grade Ladies: Waves Seashells d Waves Breakers on forfeit, Misfits 13 d Bargara Bandits 11, Bargara Leopards 12 d Terrors 2.

B Grade Men: United Flame 8 d Waves Cruisers 7, Bargara Bulls 8 d Misfits 3, Terrors 20 d West Lynx 7.

Under-16: United TNT 11 d Waves Drifters 9, Terrors 20 d Bargara Broncs 2.

Under-14: Waves Riptides 13 d United Blaze 9, Terrors 21 d Bargara Bandicoots 2.

Under-12: Waves Mariners 9 d United Sparks 6, Terrors 9 d Bargara Bears 4.