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Carinbundi client has trucking good time at Lern Ezy

Ken Wilson, Mitch Fergus and Kevin Megaw at the Learn Ezy Driving School.

Carinbundi client Mitch Fergus was given the opportunity to ride and sit in a truck thanks to the generosity of Lern Ezy Driving School.

Mitch’s carer Ken Wilson organised the opportunity and said Mitch had always been interested in trucks.  

“Mitch is one of our clients with Carinbundi and he loves trucks and every truck I pass he points at and does the old hand signal for them to blow their horn,” Ken said.

“We came here a couple of weeks ago and he hopped into the passenger’s side of the truck with a big grin on his face and Lern Ezy driving school were great and actually offered to take him around town.”

Bundaberg-based Lern Ezy Driving school has been operating for almost 40 years.

While they usually provide driving training, co-owner Bryan Dickie said he was glad to help Mitch get up close to a truck.

“This is the first time we’ve had Carinbundi out and I’m really happy that we can have them come and take them for a drive or just show them the trucks,” Bryan said.

“At the end of the day if we can encourage Mitch to go out on the truck and if it makes his day, then it’s a good thing.”

The Carinbundi Foundation has been established to purchase and manage properties and to help those living with a disability to grow and thrive through Supported Independent Living.

Ken said although there are limited recreational activities available to people with disabilities and special needs, Carinbundi was there to provide opportunities for them to have fun.

“A lot of times they’re limited to what they can do around town, but they’re entitled to be active member of the community and have as much fun as you or I,” Ken said.

“We try to get them out and give them new experiences.

“One of our other client hadn’t been to the Bundaberg rum distillery, so I organised a tour of the distillery and they were good enough to give him a personalised tour , so that was a great experience for him and a big thanks to Bundaberg Rum.

“I really do appreciate the help of Lern Ezy Driving School as they’ve just been great and the Bundaberg community has a history of helping each other and it’s great to see it in action.”