Weekender magazine has nature focus


Sit back and relax with some great weekend reading in our Bundaberg Now Weekender digital magazine including terrific nature pictures.

This week's edition features photos and an interview with Bargara nature photographer Kevin Hill, aka Jimmy Scaboo following our podcast chat with him on Wednesday.

Exclusive Weekender stories include:

  • Cane train engine still going strong after 62 years
  • Duckpond Road (Gin Gin) garden feature
  • How Council workers are protecting native birds
  • The blessing and official opening of Bundaberg's first Catholic Kindergarten.

Weekender is an attractive digital magazine with curated stories from the Bundaberg Now website and notices from Bundaberg Regional Council.

All the stories are free to read.

Bundaberg Now Weekender can be viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. It can also be downloaded and and read as a PDF file.

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Bundaberg Now Weekender: 31 October 2020.
Bundaberg Now Weekender: 31 October 2020.