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Avoidable Perils to light up Bundaberg

Avoidable Perils 4 (Captured at Brisbane Festival 2020 by Atmosphere Photography)
Avoidable Perils 4 (Captured at Brisbane Festival 2020 by Atmosphere Photography)

Bundaberg will light up next month with colourful cartoon characters projected onto the back of a landmark building.

From 8-12 December, multimedia creators Counterpilot will unveil their interactive Avoidable Perils on the corner of Woongarra and Maryborough Streets.

Spectators will be called upon to help save a collection of cartoon heroes from unfolding predicaments.

Designed to activate large, outdoor public spaces, spectators bear witness to a series of increasingly perilous predicaments.

Bundaberg Regional Council arts, culture and events portfolio spokesperson, Cr John Learmonth, said it was up to bystanders to save the cartoon heroes by rallying support and sending crucial key words from their smartphones.

“Every few minutes, scenes of imminent peril unfold with dark whimsy. As the clock ticks down, the heroes face certain danger,” he said.

“It's a joyful and surprising game to be played by entire communities, and suitable for all ages.

“An interactive projection will light up the back of the Improvements Fitness building and features a creative sound design experience.

“To save the character you have to get on your phone and try and get more people to get involved through your contact networks who you can invite to the game.

“The more people you can get involved the quicker you can save the characters and with a simple text message, you can be part of the solution.”

Described as a competitive game of death-defying cooperation, Avoidable Perils explores activism and the need for social cooperation towards a greater good.

That social co-operation has been particularly poignant during the COVID-19 pandemic, where individual choices have an impact on the community’s collective wellbeing.

Counterpilot director Nathan Sibthorpe said the aim of the game is to save the cast of cartoon superheroes from their unfolding predicaments, all with the power of a simple text message.

“With climate change, we wanted to make a work that incorporated the idea that it takes a lot of Australians to do something small, to coordinate and collaborate to fight this huge threat we face,” he said.

“The idea for the project was originally inspired by climate change but took full form when the pandemic hit. Thematically it made total sense given we’re facing COVID and all its complications.

“In the face of this very real peril, we have to realise there is no lone saviour around the corner. We are all the heroes. Safety is a team sport, but we all have the free will to decide if we want to play.”

Avoid the Perils and protect people

Moncrieff Entertainment Centre manager arts and cultural services, Rod Ainsworth, said the technology was state of the art and he looked forward activating a unique space.

“This location for this event has been specifically chosen to allow for a socially distanced scenario,” Rod said.

“The work illuminates and utterly transforms a seemingly familiar public space, reigniting imagination and inspiring audiences to form new, creative relationships with their daily environments.”

The massive, red-brick wall at the back of the Improvements Fitness building will become an outdoor screen for the game and the projections will be lit up for two hours every night between 7-9pm from 8-12 December.

Avoidable Perils will be located at the Council carpark on the corner of Woongarra and Maryborough Street.

People are urged to book ahead to skip the queue, although walk-ins will be allowed with registration on site.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.



  1. Well done to Bundaberg shire for putting on lighting and visual arts displays throughout the region and city!
    Event companies along with the arts have been languishing due to covid.
    Well done, and thank you for for supporting the arts!
    We make events!

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