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Greensill tree planting supports One Million Trees

Greensill tree planting
Greensill Farming Group’s Head of Planning, Infrastructure and Projects Nathan Freeman is helping to deliver works that will see more than 350 native trees planted in the region

The first large scale business tree planting has been added to the One Million Trees Bundaberg tally with Greensill Farming Group planting more than 350 natives.

Greensill Farming Group’s Head of Planning, Infrastructure and Projects Nathan Freeman said that with a variety of projects underway the company leapt at the opportunity to support the project.

“Greensill Farming Group are committed to supporting the Council in the planting of the One Million Trees,” Nathan said.

“We’ve already started the initiative with seven trees planted in front of our machinery shed out on Seaview Road and we’re creating a further 50-odd Melaleuca trees up on Windermere Road as part of our farm redevelopment project.

“Then we have a further 300 lilly pilly trees that will go on to our Green Solutions site.”

He said trees offered a myriad of benefits including helping Greensill Farming Group to meet its commitment to sustainability and the environment, improving soil health and making their site look more attractive.

“Trees are a very important part of that.

“We find that it helps with our waterways, helps with soil composition, and also gives us oxygen.

“They are the sorts of things that we really want to support and get behind.”

Greensill tree planting targets natives

Greensill tree planting
Just some of the trees planted as part of a recent Greensill Farming Group project

He said he had been careful with tree selection, choosing native species wherever possible.

“Obviously with agriculture we need to be thinking about how we can reduce environmental impacts.

“Lilly pillies have been used in other locations and allow us to get it established quickly.

“That helps with buffering as well, it creates a nice foliage and screens that area quite well.”

Nathan encouraged the entire community to get behind the One Million Trees program.

“Any initiative that helps to promote the growth of trees and helps put that project out in the local community is definitely of benefit.

“Just think what the benefit a million trees would do for our local community.”

With his experience in largescale planting projects, Nathan’s advice to other businesses looking to contribute to the project was to get in touch with Council during the initial stages.

“Let them know what your plans are,” Nathan said.

“I think any opportunity you can get to get these plants in the ground and help our local area is going to be a benefit for you and our local community.”

For more information head to the One Million Trees Bundaberg project page or contact the project team at onemilliontrees@bundaberg.qld.gov.au.

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