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Woodgate Beach hosts Blokart Marathon

Blokart marathon
The inaugural Blokart Marathon will be held at Woodgate Beach this weekend.

The SEQ Blokart Club will stage the inaugural Blokart Marathon at Woodgate Beach this weekend and spectacular action is expected.

Imagine a three-wheel, single seat billy cart with a sail attached and you are on your way to visualising a blokart.

Also imagine the wide sandy stretches of Woodgate Beach at low tide and you have the perfect racing surface for the South East Queensland Blokart Championships.

Devotees of this unusual and exhilarating sport will be at Woodgate Beach this weekend for the staging of the inaugural Blokart Marathon 2020, a championship event for the SEQ Blokart Club.

Racers from around the state will participate in the inaugural marathon which involves a 100-kilometre race utilising the southern end of Woodgate Beach.

Acting Group Leader with Woodgate SES, Charles Elson, said the SEQ Blokart Club had enlisted the help of the SES which will provide catering.

“The club has gained the necessary approvals and racing will be restricted to the beach adjacent to Banksia Park and south towards Walkers Point.

“There’s around 10 kilometres of beach and that section of Woodgate is available to 4WD vehicles so it’s perfect for the blokart marathon,” he said.

Developed in New Zealand in 1999, blokarts provide the thrill of sailing without getting wet. Blokarts can be operated on any even surface but beach racing with the blokarts filling their sails with a good sea breeze provides a unique, thrill-a-minute experience.

The blokarts will race in various design and weight categories with production or performance blokarts nominated in weight divisions ranging from lightweight (70kg) up to super heavyweight (over 95kg).

According to the club’s program of events, practice will take place today with the marathon conducted tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) at low tide.

Racing is scheduled to commence between 12.30pm and 1.30pm with the event raced over two and a half hours duration.

Due to COVID-19 and QLD Government regulations, all entrants and spectators will be required to sign in and supply contact details on the day of the event for contact tracing reasons.