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Johny George captures Bundaberg’s beauty

Johny George moved to Bundaberg to follow his nursing career, but the relocation has sparked his passion for photography.

After doing his placement at the Friendlies Society Hospital last year, Johny said he fell in love with the region and he decided to put down his roots and stick around.

When he is not tending to registered nurse duties Johny spend his free time capturing the beauty of the Bundaberg Region with his amazing photos.

Johny grew up in the southern parts of India and he said his hometown was like the Bundaberg Region, so it was easy to feel at home.

“My hometown is very similar to Bundaberg, we don’t have sea, but otherwise everything is very similar, a lot of greens and agriculture,” he said.

“The climate is very, very good – very similar to where I come from.”

Johny George
Registered Nurse Johny George is a passionate photographer in his spare time.

Johny’s interest for photography came from watching his friend’s brother who had taken some amazing photos.

“In 2009 I bought my first camera, it was not a DLS it was just a digital camera,” he said.

“Ever since I have been learning and doing many things.

“In 2014 me and my friend started a graphic selling company and we have been doing weddings and real estate.”

Johny hunts down the perfect place to shoot

Johny has a passion for capturing the exquisite first and last moments of each day with sun rises and sets across Bundaberg.

“I really like the sunsets and sunrises,” Johny said.

“When I have a day off work I travel around and find good spots, then the next day I will go there early morning or evening to get good pictures.

“The only sad thing is that we can not see good sunsets in the sea in Bundy.”

Along with capturing the essence of the start and finish of each day, Johny said he enjoyed spending time at Bundaberg Botanic Gardens where his patience is definitely a virtue.

“I have been to the botanical gardens many times before and all those times I forget to take my camera, and this time I went there to take some pictures,” he said.

“The floral there is really good, the flowers, the greens.

“And lots of fauna there like lizards, lots and lots of bird, butterflies and yesterday I got a honeybee – it was really good.

Johny said Bundaberg Botanic Gardens was a place of relaxation, but there was so much natural activity he was amazed with what he was able to capture on camera.

“You have to spend some time and explore different things then you will get really good snaps in the botanical gardens,” Johny said.

“I saw this one lizard, one dragon there, and I just waited to see what would happen, then the other one came. So, I sat on the grass.

“I didn’t have my tripod and I had to balance my camera on my camera bag, and I got some good snaps, I had to wait for 20 to 30 minutes there to get the right capture.

Johny said he also likes to explore other areas, including Woodgate Beach but photographing landscapes along the ocean in Coral Cove was his favourite place.

Future photography plans for Johny

Johny said the Bundaberg Region was ideal location for astrophotography because of its terrain, and he enjoyed capturing storms as they rolled across the region.

“I used to do more functions back in India, I used to capture a lot of portraits, nowadays I don’t have a cliental here and the only portraits I capture are of my wife,” he said.

“So, I want to expand the things I am doing now and expand my landscape and seascapes.”

He said storm photography was always an interest of his and he hoped to upgrade his equipment to seize the moments when the storms rolled across the region.

“Back in India I used to get lots of lightening and I really like shooting them,” he said.

“When the storms brew here in our coast, the east coast of Australia, it is really dramatic, the storms are very vivid and dramatic, and if I can capture this it will be very good photos.”

Living and working in Bundaberg Region

Johny said since moving to the region he was amazed by the amount of beauty hidden within the area, and he said the more he looked the more he found.

“It’s a good place to live, for a traveller or a person who is coming from outside… I have a lot of other friends who live in other places of Australia they don’t know how beautiful Bundaberg is,’ Johny said.

“The only thing they know is about the Bundaberg Rum or stuff like that.

“If we can embrace or promote the beauty of this place it will be really good, and more people will come.”

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