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Ecotourism offers growth potential

Ecotourism has huge potential in the Bundaberg Region. Photo: Instagram @tracyolive

Bundaberg Region businesses and tourism operators are ideally placed to tap into growing demand for ecologically sustainable tourism experiences.

While COVID-19 has stalled international visits to the region, there are those in the local tourism sector who have identified potential opportunities for their businesses to capitalise on ecotourism when overseas visitors and a greater number of interstate travellers return.

Interested local business representatives this week took the opportunity to capitalise on free access to the live stream of the Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference, hosted at Margaret River in Western Australia, with the Bundaberg Region serving as a satellite node for the event.

In addition to being one of only five centres in Australia to livestream the conference, Bundaberg Regional Council also conducted an accompanying onsite breakfast featuring local speakers at the Multiplex.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said Council was pleased that local business owners were keen to learn more about ecotourism as their efforts would complement Council’s goal to achieve eco-destination certification with Ecotourism Australia.

“Given our abundance of natural resources and idyllic location, it's logical that the Bundaberg Region should position itself to become a certified ecotourism destination,” he said.

“To see local interested parties coming and going from the Multiplex, attending the various conference sessions and learning more about the benefits of ecotourism and how we can better cater for it, was encouraging for the region’s future.”

Those attending the add-on local conference sessions, a free Council event, heard from speakers Katherine Reid (CEO of Bundaberg Tourism), Loni Hammond (Business Centre Director at Kellys Beach Resort) and Eloise Tuchot (Certification Manager, Ecotourism Australia).

The free livestream for local businesses and tourism operators was an initiative of Bundaberg Regional Council and Ecotourism Australia.

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