LifestyleTaylor turns everyday items into works of art

Taylor turns everyday items into works of art

Taylor Klaasen
Local artist Taylor Klassen with her hand-painted skateboard decks, featured as part of the Emerge exhibition.

Taylor Klaasen has been painting her entire life and has developed an eye-catching, eclectic style as she transforms everyday items into works of art.

While you may not recognise her name, many residents would know one of her largest works to date — the mural on the side of Oodies Café in North Bundaberg.

The 23-year-old is a featured artist in this year’s Emerge exhibition at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and her painted skateboard decks are available from Gallery Shop.

“It was a huge achievement for myself,” Taylor said.

“I felt really privileged to have something in the shop itself.

“I did have some works accepted in [the Emerge exhibition] when I was in high school, in year 11 and 12.”

Taylor describes herself as “thrifty”, finding secondhand or everyday items to turn into art.

“I'd say my art style is very eclectic and a little bit rustic; groovy is also another name for it, I get quite often.”

Plant pots, skateboard decks and surfboards are among the objects that have become Taylor Klaasen’s canvas.

“I've always just been painting on things, but yeah, the skateboard was just an idea that popped in my head when I was outdoors.”

Taylor art
Taylor Klaasen takes everyday items and turns them into a canvas for her eclectic designs

She said she had always been drawn to art.

“I've been painting my whole life, I suppose. It's been a way of just sort of getting emotions down on paper.

“I just love how it's an expression, just about emotions and what everyone's feeling.

“And there's no rules to art.”

Taylor said she drew inspiration from the world around her, often from trees or flowers or even just her own reflection in the mirror.

“I like doing girls faces a lot of the time.

“It's just an expression of myself.

“I enjoy painting mushrooms and just, like, patterns inspired by nature.”

Taylor Klaasen was also featured at the Young Creators Market this week which was also part of the Emerge exhibition.