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Wyper Street Christmas lights spread cheer

Wyper Street Christmas lights
Lionel Smith has spent hours putting together this Wyper Street Christmas lights display

Lionel Smith has spent two months decorating his Wyper Street home in Bundaberg South with an incredible Christmas lights display, simply to bring joy to the community.

The display has been months in the making, with Lionel starting on the Halloween weekend.

“I set it up early to try and bring the spirit back to everyone,” Lionel said.

“It seems to be doing it. It feels like its actually helping.

“It’s just amazing what Christmas lights does for people.

“You wouldn’t think just a bit of lights would actually give so much cheer to people.”

Lionel put up his Christmas display last year as well but he said 2020 was his biggest display yet because the community, and his family, needed the boost after a challenging year.

“I’ve done about two hours after work every day [since October].

“I’ve probably lost track [of how many lights I’ve put up] but most of the boxes I’ve got are around the 10m mark and there’s probably 150 out there.

“Plus five inflatables.”

He’s continually adding to the display, with a giant inflatable Santa Claus popping up just this week.

The Wyper Street Christmas lights display has delighted hundreds of residents.

“I can’t guess it’s just too many.

“We’ve had two busloads come and have a look.

“Weekly I reckon it would be 500 plus.”

But it’s not just community members who love Lionel’s handy work.

“My little boy has got to look at the Christmas lights every night.”

It’s helped to bring the neighbourhood together as well, offering an opportunity to chat as they admire the display.

Despite the many hours of labour and the havoc wreaked by recent windy conditions, Lionel said all the effort was worth it to see the smiles on people’s faces.

“I’ll try and go bigger next year.”

Santa has even made an appearance with Lionel himself donning the red and white suit.

Lionel said Santa was likely to visit the Wyper Street Christmas lights display even more frequently now that Christmas was only one week away.

For more Christmas light locations check out Triple M's online map.

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