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Future looks lush for athletics track

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The dry Bundaberg Little Athletics track will soon be much greener thanks to a new irrigation system

Bundaberg’s youngest athletes hope to soon have a lush home track that will leave other centres green with envy.

A lack of rain this year meant Bundaberg Little Athletics Club members became used to competing on dead, brown grass every Sunday morning rather than the lush turf with which athletics competition is commonly associated.

But that is all about to change for the club thanks to the generosity of Marcon Family Farms which has supplied the club with a K-Line irrigation system, enabling it to keep water up to its grass track even in the driest conditions.

Clinton Marcon, of Marcon Family Farms, said the company was happy to help the club.

“It’s been a dry year, it’s also been a tough year for everybody, so we thought we’d supply the club with this irrigation and green the grass up for the kids so that they have some nice, green grass to run on,” Clinton said.

Clinton, whose children are members of the Bundaberg Little Athletics Club, said the five-sprinkler system would make it much easier for club volunteers to water the track effectively.

“You can tow it around so you can water 70 metres at a time, then tow it 15 metres to the left and water another 70 metres,” he said. “It’s quite an efficient system as well.”

Ben Porter, president of Bundaberg Little Athletics Club, said the irrigation system would make a dramatic difference for the club’s young athletes.

“It’s very important to have a good training track because these kids are our future,” Ben said.

“Having a good track for them to train on is very beneficial for them going to States and even working their way up to an Olympic dream.”

Ben said little athletics competitors would enjoy the feel of running on lush grass.

“Not only does it help their stability and running, it’s just that lush, green effect and it’s a cushion effect for their feet when they’re running and jumping as well,” he said.

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